Convicted cheater returns to competitive PUBG after 2 year ban

PUBG Corp.

Professional PUBG player Can ‘TEXQS’ Ozdemir was banned from pro play back in 2019 for cheating in public games, but has announced his return to the competitive scene. 

If there’s one thing esports fans can’t stand, it’s cheating. This is echoed in the policies behind most major esports competitions, where any form of unprofessional play lands you a suspension.

This is exactly what happened to PUBG pro player TEXQS, who was caught using an unauthorized program in his games. While no evidence of misconduct was found in his professional matches, the incident earned him a two year ban from PUBG esports.

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However, 2021 marks his return to play, and fans aren’t exactly pleased.


Twitter: TEXQS
TEXQS (far left) was banned from pro play for cheating.

A tweet from March 18, the first since September 2020, announced that the former Pittsburg Knights player was back and looking to set the record straight with a new team.

Writing that he’s “officially unbanned from PUBG and open to any offers,” he followed his announcement tweet up by writing: “I will do my best to grind and get back on top.”

It goes without saying, though, that PUBG fans everywhere are pretty outraged to see his return, and they’ve taken to Twitter to voice their irritation and concerns.

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PUBG cheater’s return causes fan backlash

TEXQS was hardly welcomed with open arms by the PUBG community, who seem reluctant to support him after the ban.

One respondent simply wrote “once a cheater, always a cheater,” which remains the top comment on the post with 23 likes.

Another replied with “stay away cheater” and recalled being “headshot from over 500 meters away” while moving by the player.

In response to the idea of returning to the peak of his game, one Twitter user pointed out that “you were at the top since you cheated,” and is clearly sceptical of TEXQS’ integrity.

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Only time will tell if both the professional and casual PUBG community accept the outcast one more, but judging by fan reactions it doesn’t seem likely any time soon.

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