This early Prime Day MicroSD deal helps you save 30% on Steam Deck storage

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Looking for an early Prime Day MicroSD deal? We’ve got just the thing, with these killer offers from Samsung and Sandisk, which are perfect for the Steam Deck.

If you are frequently running out of space on your Steam Deck, you might need to up the ante with this limited-time early Prime Day deal at Amazon. Valve currently sells the Steam Deck with a base level 64 GB storage variant, which will barely get you anywhere, especially with the installation size of many modern titles.

So, your options ultimately are to either crack open the Steam Deck and install a new SSD yourself, or to slot in an appropriately sized MicroSD card. This 256GB Samsung MicroSD deal takes all the pain away and helps you save a bit of cash, too, as it’s currently 31% off. If you are looking for something slightly bigger, you can also grab a great deal on Sandisk’s 1TB Ultra MicroSD for a massive storage upgrade.

Is a MicroSD card good for the Steam Deck?

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MicroSD cards work wonders with the Steam Deck, as Valve appears to have put a lot of thought into optimizing how the system reads and uses the cards themselves. In the real world, there’s barely any difference in loading times when using a MicroSD card compared to a Steam Deck SSD, especially if you are using the entry-level 64GB variant of the device.

Of course, the class of the MicroSD card matters here, but the Samsung EVO Select and Sandisk Ultra should be more than up to the task of handling and running most modern games without a hitch.

We’ve tested customizing and modding a Steam Deck for ourselves, and it ended up being quite a bit of trouble, especially if you are not used to opening up electronics. So, for most people, you will want to upgrade your handheld with a MicroSD card, instead.

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Be quick, however, as this deal is not expected to last forever, so be sure to move fast, before they sell out, or the deal goes away.

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