Walrein best moveset in Pokemon Go: Is Icicle Spear any good?

Walrein appearing with its best moveset in Pokemon GoNiantic

Wondering what Walrein’s best moveset is in Pokemon Go? Maybe you’ve just got Icicle Spear and want to know if it’s any good? Well, we’ve got all the answers you need right here.

Following the January 2022 Community Day, which features the Hoenn region’s Ice/Water-type Spheal, Trainers around the world will be busy evolving the headliner into Sealeo and finally the beastly Walrein.

While Walrein has traditionally been useless in PvP, this Community Day does mark the arrival of a brand new move for Walrein, Icicle Spear, which you can get by evolving Spheal to its final form during or up to two hours after the event.

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Below, we’ll explore the potential for both the Charged Move Icicle Spear and the event-exclusive Fast Move Powder Snow, as well as the best overall moveset to teach Walrein in Pokemon Go.


Walrein and its best moveset in Pokemon Go

Walrein best moveset in Pokemon Go

The best moveset for Walrein in Pokemon Go is Powder Snow as a Fast Move alongside Earthquake and Icicle Spear as Charged Moves.

Walrein’s Fast Move selection was pretty dire before the January Community Day, with nothing capable of decent energy generation. Now, with Powder Snow in its move pool, it can finally generate enough energy to have some viability in the Go Battle League.

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As for Walrein’s best Charged Moves, you’ll definitely want Earthquake. It deals huge damage, has a reasonable energy cost, and offers super-effective coverage against Rock and Electric-types, which are two of Walrein’s biggest weaknesses.

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All moves Walrein can learn in Pokemon Go

Walrein can learn three potential Fast Moves and four potential Charged Moves, ranging from Ice to Water and Ground. We’ve listed them all below:

Walrein Fast Moves

  • Frost Breath (Ice)
  • Powder Snow (Ice)
  • Waterfall (Water)

Walrein Charged Moves

  • Blizzard (Ice)
  • Earthquake (Ground)
  • Icicle Spear (Ice)
  • Water Pulse (Water)

Is Icicle Spear any good in Pokemon Go?

The symbol for Icicle Spear in Pokemon Go

It looks like Icicle Spear is actually going to be a pretty great addition to Walrein’s moveset. It’s a low-cost Charged Move that deals a decent amount of STAB damage, making it great for baiting shields in the Go Battle League.

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We should point out that a Walrein with Icicle Spear will only be effective if it’s also got Powder Snow as a Fast Move, as it really needs a high-energy-generating attack to get quick enough access to Icicle Spear in the first place.

While this change certainly doesn’t make Walrein a champion in the Go Battle League, it does give it more viability than it’s ever had before, and it’s worth having one that knows both Icicle Spear and Powder Snow in your collection.

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If you’d like to try out Icicle Spear for yourself, Walrein will be able to learn it any time during and up to two hours after the Spheal Community Day, which takes place on Sunday, January 16, 2022.

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