TikToker goes viral after buying used Pokemon game with “weirdest” save file

Dylan Horetski
TikToker finds wierd Pokemon Pearl save

A TikToker decided to buy a used copy of Pokemon Pearl from GameStop and stumbled upon the weirdest save file he’s ever seen.

Since the release of Red & Blue in 1996, the Pokemon franchise has become one of the most popular series of games worldwide.

With nearly nine generations of Pokemon, it’s not surprising that some fans may not enjoy one or two of the games, leading the player to trade in their copy to GameStop with a half-finished game save.

TikToker Purple Thunder has set out to rescue these forgotten games, and stumbled upon one of the most bizarre game saves he’s ever encountered.

TikToker goes viral with weird Pokemon Pearl game save

Uploaded on September 28, Purple Thunder’s video has been viewed over 2,500,000 times.

“I bought every used copy of Pokemon that I could find at a game store to see what was on them,” the creator explained.

He went on to show his $75.99 copy of Pokemon Pearl and booted it up in his 3DS. Seconds later, the TikToker found a 12-hour save from ‘Scott’ with just one gym badge and 22 total Pokemon.

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To make things even weirder, the game save is equipped with all three of the Gen four starters with at least one having a rather R-rated nickname.

Viewers flooded the comments with their thoughts about the game, including how much GameStop sold it for.

One user commented: “He probably still has his main game and that was his spare he used to trade and get stuff. It’s what I did.”

“I didn’t even pay 75 when I bought it brand new,” another user replied.

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