Save 20% on Japanese Pokemon TCG 151 Booster Packs

Nathan Ellingsworth
Japanese Pokemon TCG 151 Booster Packs are visible against a blurred background

Pokemon TCG collectors hoping to add some Japanese cards to their pack are in luck, as Amazon has a sale on some amazing Pokemon TCG 151 products and you can order them today.

Almost every single Pokemon TCG set is popular in its own way, but the recent Pokemon TCG 151 release did a great job of celebrating the original batch from Kanto, with incredible artwork and some very lucrative chase cards.

While the English release is marvelous in its own right, a lot of Pokemon TCG collectors covet the original Japanese cards, with some specific cards never making their way West, while some people also maintain that the printing quality is better in Japan.

Whether you have a specific taste or just fancy some more cards, thankfully Amazon is holding a sale on Japanese Pokemon TCG 151 cards, taking 20% off of packs of 7 Booster Packs, bringing it down to $23.00 and available for delivery to the US.

Grab Japanese Pokemon TCG 151 Booster Packs for less

A Japanese squirtle card from the Pokemon TCG 151 release is visible against a blurred background

The popular Pokemon TCG 151 set includes some fantastic cards featuring the likes of Mew, Mewtwo, the Legendary birds such as Zapdos, and of course, a stellar Charizard to round out the pack.

Thankfully if you want to grab some more Pokemon TCG cards we have plenty of guides waiting for you, even ones on the most recent set known as Paldean Fates.

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