Purplecliffe continues tradition of failing Shiny encounters with release of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

shiny leconk

Pokemon YouTuber and content creator Purplecliffe continued his tradition of accidentally failing Shiny Pokemon when a new game releases when he ran past a rare Lechonk playing Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Shiny hunting has become a very prevalent activity within the Pokemon fanbase. Many of the most prominent Pokemon content creators on YouTube and Twitch have dedicated hundreds of hours of their careers to shiny hunts.

Purplecliffe is no exception, and his exuberant reactions to finding Shiny Pokemon are as infectious as they are entertaining. But even more so are his reactions to failing Shiny Pokemon… which happens more often than he’d like to admit.

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It’s become a tradition of sorts starting with a series of fails in Legends Arceus. Now, the bad luck continues as Purplecliffe has failed yet another Shiny on the launch day of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Purplecliffe starts Scarlet & Violet with Shiny Lechonk fail

The fan-favorite Gen 9 Pokemon Lechonk is one of the earliest to appear in Scarlet & Violet, and its Shiny has stolen the community’s hearts. The black pig turns bright pink save for a few facial features, which is downright adorable.

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But even more so, it’s very obvious to spot. While some Shiny Pokemon only change their colors slightly – looking at you Paldean Tauros – Shiny Lechonk is almost the exact opposite of its standard color.

That’s why Purplecliffe’s chat was dumbfounded after the streamer failed to notice the shiny pink pig that stayed on his screen for a few seconds. They spammed the chat with “Shiny,” but by the time he read their messages, it was already too late; he had failed.

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A few moments later – as if to rub salt into the wound – Cliffe would run up to a normal Tarountula exclaiming, “Is that a shiny?” only to be let down once it revealed its spider face.

However, it’s not entirely the streamer’s fault. In Pokemon Legends Arceus, Shiny Pokemon would sparkle and make a loud noise when they pop in. But that feature was removed in Scarlet & Violet, forcing Shiny hunters to rely solely on their sense of sight… and their chat.

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