Pokemon World Championship Cynthia cosplay is terrifyingly perfect

Laura Gray
Pokemon Worlds Cynthia Cosplay Is Powerful And Perfect

Fans are showing off their cosplay skills at the 2022 Pokemon World Championships, reimaging iconic characters and Pokemon species in style. However, one Cynthia Pokemon cosplayer has combined terrifying power with cosplay prowess for a breathtaking overall effect.

Cosplay has always been a fun way for pop culture fans to stretch their creative muscles and celebrate their favorite games, movies, and TV shows. The art, which got it start with early anime and sci-fi shows, has continued to grow in popularity over the past several decades.

From new gamers scrapping together fantastic costumes from bits in their closets to those who have learned a professional level of sewing and prop-craft, each recreation is often a treat to see.

Pokemon cosplay can be particularly difficult, as the show’s stylized art direction and wild character designs put even the most skilled craftspeople to the test. For example, recreating Blue’s iconic spikey hair, or Professor Laventon’s eccentric outfit can take hours of careful work to remake. However, some cosplayers manage to recreate characters both in dress and attitude, bringing favorite faces to life.

Cynthia is the Champion of the Sinnoh region

The stunning Pokemon cosplay of Sinnoh Champion Cynthia was shared by cosplayer and influencer FayeMata, and reposted by the official Pokemon Twitter account.

The image shows Faye sitting on a Pokemon Worlds chair, the camera angled up to showcase her feathered top and confident pose. The careful detail on the wig and accessories only add to the effect that Cynthia herself stepped from Diamond and Pearl to visit the Championships.

The post, which encourages others to share Pokemon Cosplays seen during the Championships, shows the dedication Pokemon fans have to cosplay artistry. Hopefully, Faye Mata’s Cynthia recreation will help encourage other cosplayers to slay it in their projects at future events, bringing more favorite NPCs to life.