Pokemon cosplayer brings Leafeon to life in stunning cosplay

Pokemon cosplayer brings Leafeon to life with stunning take on Eeveelution

Published: 4/Jun/2022 15:45

by Brianna Reeves


A cosplayer’s stunning Pokemon Leafeon cosplay has drawn widespread acclaim thanks to their impressive Eeveelution for the fan-favorite character.

Given the unceasing popularity of the Pokemon franchise, it’s no wonder that Pokemon cosplays go viral every so often. And this year has already become jam-packed with pocket monster-related content in the gaming sphere.

Developer Game Freak deployed the action role-playing title Pokemon Legends: Arceus this past January, while also inviting Nintendo Switch players to revisit Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl’s Sinnoh region.

Eevee’s Grass-type evolution Leafeon proved an especially popular character, with countless Trainers wanting to secure the Gen IV Pokemon for themselves. Recently, a creative cosplayer found yet another way of breathing life into this particular Eeveelution.


Pokemon cosplayer’s Leafeon transformation deserves applause

Instagram user and cosplayer universeofemily recently shared photos of their original Leafeon cosplay. Instead of designing a one-to-one recreation of the creature’s look, the cosplayer built a costume heavily inspired by Leafeon’s overall design scheme.

The results were nothing short of applause-worthy, thanks to an armored look that appears as though it would also fit well in the world of another Nintendo-exclusive gaming property – The Legend of Zelda.


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Universeofemily has brought several other iconic characters to life via cosplay, including the likes of the Scarlet Witch, Teen Titans hero Raven, Geralt of Rivia, and Zagreus of Hades fame. The cosplayer’s foray into the world of Pokemon has proven especially awe-inspiring, though.


Pokemon Legends: Arceus and the continued updates to TiMi Studio Group’s Pokemon Unite don’t count as the only interactive adventures players can expect to explore throughout 2022.

Later this year, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will hit the Nintendo Switch, acting as the launch pads for the next generation of Pokemon games. The Pokemon Company and Nintendo recently confirmed plans to launch the experience on November 18.