Pokemon Unite build for Wigglytuff proves why Rollout is really strong

wigglytuff pokemon uniteTimi Studio

Wigglytuff has proven to be a standout support pick in Pokémon Unite, but a Rollout build for it also makes the character a monster at surprise attacks.

In the early stages of Pokémon Unite’s meta, there’s already builds for Wigglytuff that have shown to be the best. But just like in most MOBAs, variation can be key in taking your opponent by surprise to come out on top.

We’re starting to see those builds slowly take shape, and while they probably won’t turn the tides of the current Pokémon Unite meta, they’re plenty of fun all the same.

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YouTuber ‘TwoPercentSkimm’ showed how Wigglytuff can fare in Pokémon Unite by prioritizing Rollout for its second special attack.

Pokémon Unite Wigglytuff  Rollout build

wigglytuff pokemon uniteThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
Wigglytuff is a great support character in Pokémon Unite, but an alternative build can make it a strong ganker.

While there’s plenty of good Battle items and Held items in the game, your mileage may vary if you’re sticking to a general Wigglytuff build for this strat.

That’s why TwoPercentSkimm chose the following loadout for their Wigglytuff Rollout build:

Battle Item:

  • Eject Button

Held Items:

  • Wise Glasses
  • Buddy Barrier
  • Score Shield

With that locked in, you can start dealing an impressive amount of damage about a minute into the game since you learn Rollout at level 4.

This build is most effective in the bot lane where there’s more opportunity to get multiple hits with Rollout, considering the proximity of the enclosures. It’s also worth noting that the move will reset the cooldown of Pond, Double Slap, and Dazzling Beam if you manage to hit an obstacle.

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With that in mind, you can start to see why this build can be annoying for opponents, as the YouTuber showed by constantly hiding in bushes to get his full combo off.

As effective as this might be, before trying it out in Ranked matches, consider how powerful Wigglytuff is as a pure support character. While this is a fun alternative for Wigglytuff, it comes at the cost of Sing, which can be a strong crowd control to turn fights.