Pokemon Unite fans want shield changes to counter “ridiculous” Wigglytuff combo

wigglytuff uniteNintendo

A Pokemon Unite play went viral that showed off the power of a specific Wigglytuff combo which has players calling for shield changes.

Pokemon Unite has been a huge hit within the Pokemon community. The game made a huge splash on Twitch as well, ranking as one of the top viewed game on the streaming platform the week it was released.

Since then, the game has held a solid fan base that continues to advance the game.

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Yet, a viral clip of an insane Wigglytuff play has got some fans concerned about how strong scoring shields are mixed with the right moves and held items.

Pokemon Unite Battle ItemsThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
A number of adjustments have been made to the Battle Items.

Wigglytuff shields are crazy

In the clip posted by CaptainLPika to the Unite subreddit, they make a game-winning play by scoring in the final moments.

Using their ultimate ability on Wigglytuff which makes them immune to crowd control, and having the held item Buddy Barrier which gives a shield based on their max HP after using their ultimate, they score and are unkillable from the massive shields they have plus the shield they got from scoring.

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The shields are impossible to chew through before the match ends, and their scoring in the final seconds was the difference between winning and losing. “Score shield should not stack with other shield sources, kind of ridiculous,” said CaptainLPika. “This play is fine, but it is a shame that 3 people can’t deal enough damage to break it in time – Wigglytuff is broken AF right now,” added another.

Not everyone is for making changes to stacking shields, however, as changes to stacking shields would significantly nerf the power of support Pokemon. One commenter made an argument against making changes to shields saying: “Honestly I don’t have a problem with them stacking. I mean this is sacrificing two slots for buddy and score shield and using your ult to score. That needs to be strong for it to be worthwhile.”

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Buddy Barrier is one of the strongest items in the game, as its shield size scales with the percentage of your Pokemon’s HP size. The more HP a Pokemon has, the bigger the shield they and their teammates get when they use their ultimate ability.

For now, there are no changes in store for shields, but if there is enough outcry from the community then anything is possible.

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