Pokemon Unite removes Wigglytuff ability and players can’t believe it was a bug

. 10 months ago
pokemon unite wigglytuff
Timi Studio

The latest Pokemon Unite update has removed an effect that came as a result of Wigglytuff’s ‘Sing’ move, and players can’t believe that it was a bug to begin with.

There are dozens of Pokemon to choose from in Unite, each who fill a role in an overall comp. Wigglytuff fulfills a more support role, since its abilities generally layer CC (crowd control) effects on the other team.

Wigglytuff’s Sing proved to be really useful in the opening few months after Unite’s launch, but players are now surprised to see a powerful aspect of the ability removed.

In the Pokemon Unite 1.2 update patch notes, Timi Studios introduces plenty of buffs and nerfs to the roster with one notable change bug fix to Wigglytuff.

“Fixed issue where the Pokemon put to sleep would not wake up after being hit with an attack,” the patch notes read.

That was a confusing point of clarification seeing as how many players thought that was an intended mechanic for the Fairy-type ‘mon.

“CAP. 100% was not a bug,” one Twitter user said. “That was insane for too damn long for it to be ‘a bug.’”

In most MOBAs, sleep effects naturally deactivate by getting hit or taking damage. This has become the norm for CC abilities, but the longevity of Sing’s potent sleep effects were starting to convince people otherwise.

“I mean it felt super broken and OP, but for how long that has been in the game that sounds weird,” another user said.

pokemon unite wigglytuff
Timi Studio
One of the biggest parts of Wigglytuff’s Sing was apparently a bug.

Wigglytuff has been a formidable pick in Pokemon Unite, with people wanting severe changes to the game based on combos they can make with it.

People have even been finding strong builds for Wigglytuff that kind of takes her out of the support role with clever uses for Rollout.

While it’s still a strong support pick in Unite, we could see more variations if the latest bug fix for Wigglytuff proves to bring its power down in the game.

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