All Pokemon Unite stats for every Pokemon, from Blastoise to Snorlax

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A Pokemon Unite fan made an infographic showing stats for all Pokemon in the game including their fighter profiles and how much damage their Ultimate ability does.

Pokemon Unite has burst onto the scene as a new MOBA sporting that classic Nintendo charm. The traditional Pokemon fandom has jumped onto the game, and with that tons of fan-made artwork and content has popped up online in support of the game.

Stats in Pokemon Unite are handy to have at any trainer’s disposal as they reveal how much damage each Pokemon can deal to others. Luckily, we have found a brilliant infographic with a breakdown of every fighter.

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Pokemon Unite is coming to mobile on September 22.

Pokemon Unite stats for every Pokemon

Reddit user erceyazici posted an infographic with nearly everything you need to know about Pokemon Unite.

They even added in the best items for each Pokemon, as well as guides on how to handle the environmental Pokemon that spawn in the game, like Zapdos and Dreadnaw.

pokemon unite statsReddit: u/erceyazici
Here is all of the stats from Pokemon Unite.

How to beat Zapdos Pokemon Unite

Below is their guide on how to handle Zapdos in each match.

Zapdos guide

Learning how to handle Zapdos is one of the most important ways of winning Unite matches, making this infographic that much more valuable.

Pokemon Unite score messages explained

Erce also made a visual guide on how to read each of the messages the game throws at you regarding the score.

Since you can’t see the score of the match, the game sends phrases at you that can be tracked so you can infer the score of the match.

unite score

The user also included Pokemon that haven’t been released yet, like Mamoswine and Sylveon. Since we don’t know everything about their kits, some information is missing from their profiles.

An easter egg Erce put into the guide is putting Lucario’s difficulty as “Lucario”, a nod to the strength of the Pokemon and the ease of piloting his moveset.

Infographics like these show just how dedicated the Pokemon fan base is to understanding each game in the series to its core, and hopefully the more people use it, the better they will get at the game!