Pokemon Unite Eject Button trick shows why it’s one of the best Battle Items

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The Eject Button has myriad uses in Pokemon Unite and one player showed how it can be especially powerful as an offensive tool when you’re trying to make a play.

There are plenty of Battle Items to choose from in Unite, each with their own strengths that can drastically alter a fight depending on how you synergize with your Pokemon.

While it’s tempting to go for a lot of them, MOBA players are used to having a trusty ability that lets them instantly teleport a short distance away.

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In League of Legends it’s a Summoner Spell called ‘Flash,’ or the ‘Blink’ ability in Dota 2 when you buy a Blink Dagger.

In Pokemon Unite, that ability comes with the ‘Eject Button’ Battle Item and Reddit user ‘KilianGreen’ reminded players why you shouldn’t always think of it as a method of escape.

“I don’t know if this is new to you, but you can use the Eject Button while you are ulting to hit people outside of its range,” they said.

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After taking Rotom and setting up for a 4v4 fight, Blastoise was itching to get into the heat of battle with its Hydro Typhoon Unite move – but they were just out of reach.

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There’s clever uses for Pokemon Unite’s Eject Move that can turn the tide of a game.

Luckily their Eject Button and Unite move were up, giving them a perfect chance to combo the abilities with a crucial timing.

That allowed them to start their Unite move then instantly Eject into the four-man group ahead of them. Though they knocked up three, that was plenty to clean up the stragglers in the aftermath.

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New MOBA players in Pokemon Unite are still learning the ropes with things like rotations, objective plays, optimal build paths, and more. Using the Eject Button in different situations, along with knowing a few meta tips in Pokemon Unite, can really help out.

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