“Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic” is a new twist on a classic trading card game

Pokemon Trading Card Game ClassicYT: The Official Pokémon YouTube channel

The Pokemon Company International has unveiled “Pokemon trading card game classic”, a new way to enjoy the classic card game.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game is an unbelievably large collection of cards from different booster packs, bundles, decks, sets, and so on.

Anyone who played or collected the initial iterations of the card game will have a hard time getting back into it with all the new cards, mechanics, and meta. But the Pokemon Company came up with an ideal solution for this problem with “Classic.”

Pokemon TCG Classic will launch in late 2023 and will be a standalone set containing a game board, a toolbox full of useful markers, and three pre-made decks.

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So not only does it feature classic cards you might be familiar with, but you can essentially pull it out like a chessboard or monopoly and play it right there and then with pre-made decks and clearly laid out rules, no extra hassle.

Pokemon Company announces “Pokemon TCG Classic” – coming late 2023

The reception under the original Tweet announcing the release is mixed, with some fans celebrating the idea and others wishing the company focused more on new products instead of rereleases.

“I actually really enjoy that this is coming out! It’s great nostalgia bait but also looks like a genuinely good product. We’ll have to see what the price point and demand is, but I will definitely be attempting to pick this up,” replied one user.

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While another user criticizes the company for re-releasing the product: “can y’all please stop rereleasing base set dear lord.”

At this point, it’s still unclear as to what the price for the whole set will be, and what quantities will be available. Some fans are afraid of resellers who might appear if the number of released sets will be too low.

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