Pokemon TCG Scarlet & Violet Alternate Art Fuecoco cards tell an adorable story

Laura Gray
Pokemon TCG Scarlet & Violet Fuecoco Alternate Art

The Pokemon Scarlet & Violet TCG expansion is starting to appear online, and fans are captivated by the adorable Alternate Art storyline being told through Fuecoco’s cards.

Pokemon TCG fans are getting hyped for the release of the first Scarlet & Violet expansion set on March 31, 2023. The new cards usher in Gen 9 gameplay like the ‘ex’ mechanic, as well as Terestiallization. While the Scarlet & Violet expansion is still in its youngest stages, players are already excited, thanks to an early peek at some of the card art.

Already, fans have gotten to see the new silver borders in the Pokemon TCG teasers shown on the Official Pokemon website. Additionally, beautiful Alternate Art debuts of species like Dolliv have given players and collectors plenty to be eager for.

However, it is the Paldean starter Feucoco’s Alternate Art cards that have captured the hearts of fans on social media, encouraging a discussion about the interesting story told between each different stage of evolution.

The Pokemon TCG’s Scarlet & Violet Fuecoco cards go shopping

In a Twitter post by Serebii.net’s Joe Merrick, a pair of Alternate Art cards from the Scarlet & Violet set at shown side-by-side. The post reads: “Looks like the Fuecoco line’s alternate arts will be following a story.”

The art on the cards depicts a Fuecoco sitting in its trainer’s shopping cart with an apple, followed by Crocalor destroying the supermarket fruit displayed. Fans in the comments are delighted by the Pokemon TCG Alternate Art storyline, speculating on what could come next with the Skeledrige card.

One Pokemon TCG fan states, “third card is Skeledirge using self-checkout while singing to his favorite tunes in his wireless earbuds while little fire birb helps him pack (silly prediction)”, while another adds, “Can’t wait for the carnage of Skelederg like some kind of Kaiju”.

Hopefully, players will finally learn the ending of the card-art story when the Scarlet & Violet Pokemon TCG expansion releases in a few weeks.

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