Pokemon Scarlet & Violet TCG expansion reveal debuts stunning Paldea Starter cards

pokemon scarlet violet starter evolutionsThe Pokemon Company

An early look at the upcoming Pokemon TCG Scarlet & Violet expansion ‘Triple Beat’ revealed some gorgeous Paldean Starter cards.

With Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s first Paldea Collection TCG boxes available everywhere and the Koraidon and Miraidon ex set slated to arrive overseas on March 31, 2023, players are starting to get excited about the next stage of the card game.

Earlier this month, fans also learned that the first expansion set, tentatively called ‘Triple Beat’ in Japan, is on the way and seems to feature the Paldea Starter’s final evolutions on the foil card wrappers.

Now, an early look at some of the cards included in the set has revealed some stunning artwork for both the final evolutions and base forms Sprigatito, Quaxly, and Fuecoco.

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Early look at Pokemon TCG’s ‘Triple Beat’ set

Thanks to the Japanese Pokemon TCG website, fans can see Sprigatito’s full evolution line in TCG form, complete with two Sprigatito cards, a Floragato card, and a Meowscarada EX holographic card. The artwork shows Meowscarada breaking out of the card’s frame while using a Grass-type move.

In particular, Meowscarada ex will be a 310 HP Grass-type with the Ability Magic Bouquet. The ability is as follows: “You must discard a Grass Energy card from your hand in order to use this Ability. Once during your turn, you may choose 1 of your opponent’s Benched Pokemon and put 3 damage counters on it.”

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Additionally, the card features the attack Nail Scratch, which deals 100+ damage. Additionally, if the opponent’s Pokemon already has any damage counters on it, this attack deals 120 more damage.

pokemon tcg sprigatito lineThe Pokemon Company
Spritito’s upcoming evolution line in the ‘Triple Beat’ Pokemon TCG set.

Next, fans can see the Fuecoco line represented through the TCG, with two Fuecoco cards, a Crocalor card, and the Skeledirge ex card.

Skeledirge ex is a 340 HP Fire-type card that comes with the ability Vitality song, which deals 50 damage and heals 30 damage to each Pokemon on the field. The attack Burning Voice deals 270 damage but deals ten less damage for every damage counter on Skeledirge.

Finally, Quaxly’s evolution line similarly features two base form cards, a Quaxwell card and Quaquaval ex. Quaquaval ex is a 320 HP Water-type card with the ability Lively Samba. This ability deals 60 damage and switches both Quaquaval and one of the opponent’s cards out with a benched card.

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The attack Propeller Shot deals 320 damage and allows users to put two Energy cards from Quaquaval back into their hand.

pokemon tcg full art paldean startersThe Pokemon Company
The Full Art variations of the Paldean Starter trio feature some impeccable artwork.

The ‘Triple Beat’ set also features Full Art variations for the Paldean Starters’ basic cards. The stunning card art shows Sprigatito peacefully sleeping in a flowerbed, Fuecoco taking a trip to the grocery store, and Qauxly admiring itself in a bathroom mirror.

While it’s still unclear when this set will officially release, those who are fans of the Paldean Starter Pokemon should certainly keep a close eye on the Triple Beat Scarlet & Violet set.