Pokemon TCG players wish for “insane” Mega cards to return

Em Stonham
Mega Altaria from Pokemon anime.

Some Pokemon TCG mechanics are simply better than others. Since Pokemon Day 2024, players have been super excited about the possibility of Mega cards coming back.

There have been heaps of Pokemon trading card game mechanics over the years and some have struck a chord with fans more than others have. Since Pokemon Day 2024, one of the biggest topics in the TCG community has been whether we could see Mega evolutions coming back to the game.

It’s hard to know with certainty, of course, but there are some incredible releases lined up this year that could include Mega cards. Pokemon TCG players took to r/PokemonTCG to eagerly discuss the possibility of new Mega forms and alt art cards.

Pokemon TCG players hoping for Mega card mechanic return

Originally popping up in this post, Pokemon TCG player Ambitious_Moment_760 posted a screengrab of the Mega symbol from the announcement for the upcoming video game Pokemon Legends Z-A and questioned whether Mega cards could be making a return.

In the caption, OP commented on how likely it is that we’ll see the return of Megas to the trading card game and asked other fans which Pokemon they’d want to see get the Mega alternate art treatment, noting that their top pick would be Sceptile.

One of the most common answers in the replies was Flygon, with scores of fans hoping to finally see a Mega version of this ‘mon. One fan replied:

“Hoping for mega Flygon 10 years later.”

Another agreed, saying:

“Almost every Pokemon from Gen 3 that you would assume would get one did, except Flygon”.

Other popular answers included Gengar, Sableye, and Pinsir, along with the various Eeveelutions. One Eevee fan in the replies commented on the potential Eeveelution designs saying:

“As an Eeveelution collector, I am horrified for a new Eeveelution set.”

Fans were generally excited about the idea of the Mega mechanic coming back, with one player saying that “Any Mega is good.” They continued:

“It was always a cool mechanic in the tcg, and if it makes a return it woukd be awesome”.

A handful weren’t so sure, though, protesting the need for mechanics and gimmicks at all in the trading card game. One frustrated player noted:

“I just want the gimmicks to be vaulted already. Mega, Tera, Gigantimax, and Z-Moves are all bad.”

The overall vibe was positive, though, with a few hilarious ideas for new Mega cards. One creative fan suggested a card featuring:

“Mega Aegislash where [it is] holding ANOTHER Aegislash.”

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