Pokemon TCG Annihilape ex Box price cut by 20% on Amazon

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Annihilape Ex Box with Pokemon SV academy background.

Looking to add to your Pokemon Scarlet & Violet card collection? There’s a wicked deal on the Annihilape ex Box on Amazon right now and it’s packed full of cool cards.

The Scarlet & Violet era of Pokemon cards has been a lot of fun so far. There have been some great products and releases, and the Pokemon ex Boxes have been particularly popular with collectors and fans looking to find cards with their favorite ‘mons and ex cards.

If you’re on the hunt for an affordable addition to your Pokemon TCG collection, there’s a useful discount on the Annihilape ex Box on Amazon right now.

Pokemon Annihilape ex Box gets 20% discount on Amazon

For those who’ve never picked up a Pokemon ex Box before, they’re useful products that come with a variety of booster packs and promo cards.

As you may have guessed from the name, they’re usually themed around a specific Pokemon or evolution chain. They’re handy for building type-specific decks, too. Say you wanted to build a Fighting-type deck, for example – picking up this box would help to provide a strong foundation for that.

Annihilape Ex Box contents.
Contents of the Annihilape ex Box.

The Annihilape ex Box is no different – it comes with promo cards for Mankey, Primeape, and Annihilape ex, along with a code card for Pokemon TCG Live. It also features 4 booster packs, including one Scarlet & Violet base set, two Paldea Evolved, and one Sword & Shield – Lost Origin.

If you’re a fan of the Annihilape evolution chain, it’s worth taking a look at this deal. It’s received a 20% discount on Amazon, making it an affordable pick.

Annihilape ex has some truly interesting abilities – namely the Angry Grudge ability which requires you to damage your own Pokemon to deal damage to your opponent. It’s a tanky card and holds some serious competitive potential.

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