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Pokemon Sword Shield Max Raid event adds GMAX Lapras, Centiskorsh & more

Published: 1/Dec/2020 10:13

by David Purcell


Game Freak have mixed up Max Raid Battles once again in Pokemon Sword and Shield, with an all-new event update that shakes up the species you can find by entering them. Now, there’s Gigantamax Lapras and other GMAX forms to find. 

These updates are very simple and are routine in the Nintendo Switch game, taking the list of Pokemon found in all of the Dens across the Galar Region and shaking things up. By doing so, some Pokemon are made available to catch in them and others are removed.

These Pokemon Dens can be found right across the map and Isle of Armor/Crown Tundra expansions. These can be easily located by checking out the huge beams of light in the air that guide people towards them.


If you would like to know which Pokemon can be found in the monthly update, lucky you, we’ve got the whole list.

Which Pokemon can be found in Max Raids? (December)

Weavile pokemon max raid battles
Pokemon / Nintendo
Weavile is among the list of Pokemon added to Max Raid Battles.

The big move around this time is once again based on the type of Pokemon that appear in Max Raids. The outbound Bug and Poison-types added in the spooky Halloween update have been replaced, finally, with ice and fire-types.

Between the dates of December 1-31, which will take us right into the Holiday period with this event, the following species will be available – according to Serebii.net:

  • GMAX Lapras
  • Bergmite
  • Weavile
  • Sizzlipede
  • Turtonator
  • Ponyta
  • GMAX Centiskorch
  • Avalugg
  • Rapidash

The real question now is whether or not Pokemon Sword and Shield will mix things up for a limited time during the weeks running up to Christmas. In previous years we’ve seen limited time events where Delibird and others have been given boosted spawn rates, and that could happen once again.


Keep an eye out for all of the latest changes to the Wild Area, Isle of Armor, and Crown Tundra in December.

Based on this event update, it’s going to be a good one for trainers looking to add rare Pokemon to their collection – and check them off their Pokedex once and for all!