Pokemon player discovers hilarious Sword & Shield trick to earn buckets of money

GMAX Meowth Money TrickThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Sword & Shield players need plenty of money to fund the Raid Den exploration that makes up the majority of post-game adventures, and a clever player has put a hilarious spin on a money-making Meowth trick.

Grinding funds can be a real challenge in any Pokemon game, especially after players have completed the main storyline. While Pokemon Sword & Shield have improved the chance of finding valuable items in the Wild Area thanks to the item respawning features, the best way to earn cash has always been through Pokemon battles.

For many enjoying the post-game content and DLC of Sword & Shield, there are a few ways to really cash in on challenges like the Pokemon Sword & Shield Champion Cup and Galarian Star Tournament. The easiest way to double earnings is to ensure that the first Pokemon in a party is equipped with an Amulet Coin, and make sure Pokemon are at a high enough level to succeed in battle.

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However, a sneaky trick that makes use of a Gigantamax Kantonian Meowth, the Amulet Coin, and the G-Max move Gold Rush can be used to wring a surprising amount of cash from an opponent – and a player has shared a hilariously nefarious motive that puts them above Team Rocket.

Pokemon Sword & Shield player turns Meowth into a burglar

In a recent Twitter post shared by OoCPokemon, a post from Pokemon Sword & Shield player Broken-Clover is shown. The post includes four images of bewildered Gym Leaders after they are destroyed by the player, with the note “One of my favorite things to do in Pokemon SwSh is to spam Dynamax Meowth with the Amulet Coin until it caps out so whenever I bet someone it looks like they’re having a crisis over the fact that I just stole their entire bank account”.

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The hilarious trick is absolutely legitimate, and the crushing reactions of the Sword & Shield NPCs is made even more humorous be the player’s personal goal to render them bankrupt.

A few players have added comments, with MarsMews stating “legalized robbery in the Pokemon universe” and MootheBloo adding “My man just lost his entire retirement plan in one battle” in regards to the older Gym Leader Kabu doubled over in the images.

How to use the GMAX Meowth Gold Rush money trick

Pokemon Sword & Shield players looking to earn a buck (or torment helpless NPC bank accounts) can replicate the trick with relative ease. The first step is to obtain a Kantonian Meowth that can Gigantamax. For those who snagged the Pokemon during events, the rest will be easy. Those without will need to do the following:

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  • Catch or trade for a Kantonian Meowth (not an Alolan or Galarian Meowth)
  • Travel to the Isle of Armor (this will require the DLC expansion for Sword & Shield)
  • Use the MAX Soup on Meowth.

After this, players can then head back to Wyndon, following the below directions:

  • Ensure that the GMAX-capable Meowth is holding an Amulet Coin
  • Engage in either the Champion Cup or Galarian Star Tournament
  • As soon as the battle starts, Gigantamax Meowth
  • Be sure to select the G-Max Gold Rush move at least three times

To help ensure victory in battle, it helps to get Meowth to level 100, with a Dyanamx Level of 10. This will make sure Meowth stays active long enough to deliver the G-Max Gold Rush move the needed number of times without being knocked out. Meowth doesn’t need to be out for the entire battle.

Overall, the trick is perfect for Pokemon Sword & Shield fans needing to refill their banks, and it creates a humorous moment of existential dread for the beloved NPCs unfortunate enough to get caught in the crosshairs.

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