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Pokemon Sword & Shield poll shows how popular DLC could be

Published: 28/Feb/2020 13:30

by Paul Cot


It looks like the Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion pass is going to sell really well, at least according to one interesting survey.

Famitsu ran a survey asking readers whether they intend to buy the Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion pass. The answers were multiple-choice, with fans able to choose between ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘undecided’.

A whopping 88% of respondents said they would indeed buy the Sword and Shield DLCs. Meanwhile, 10% said they were undecided which left just a measly 2% who said they wouldn’t. There were a reported 900 readers who responded to the survey.

Famitsu Magazine No 1630
Japanese Nintendo / Famitsu Magazine
The survey was found in no 1630 of the Famitsu Magazine…

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Exaggerated results?

The accuracy of the results can be called into at least somewhat because it was conducted by Famitsu. The Japanese video game magazine features a lot of Pokemon news and is therefore purchased by many hardcore Pokemon fans.


This means Famitsu readers will be more likely to purchase the Pokemon Sword and Shield DLCs than more casual players. It is also based in Japan, the birthplace of Pokemon, which may explain why the results were so one-sided.

Nevertheless, the results are so conclusive it’s hard to envision anything but a win for Nintendo and the Pokemon Company when the first DLC is released.

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More DLCs to come?

Elsewhere, there are rumors that there will be even more Pokemon Sword and Shield expansions next year. There are murmurings that there could more DLCs coming in 2021 and that this may even result in Game Freak not releasing a new Pokemon game in 2020.

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The first DLC is scheduled to come out in June and is called the Isle of Armor. More details are still expected to be revealed but it has been confirmed Gigantamaxed versions of the Galar starters will be added to the game and two new legendary Pokemon – Kubfu and Urshifu – will also arrive.

The second DLC, The Crown Tundra, doesn’t have such a specific release date and is broadly set for “Fall 2020”. Among other things this will reintroduce a host of legendary Pokemon including Galarian forms of the iconic Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres.