Pokemon Sword and Shield: Every Gigantamax Pokemon and their G-Max Moves

Paul Cot

Pokemon Sword and Shield is out now, and trainers are enjoying their journey through the Galar region, encountering Gigantamax Pokemon along the way.

The Galar region is a mythical place where the Dynamax and Gigantamax phenomenons are at the forefront. While all species are capable of Dynamaxing, only a select few have the ability to Gigantamax.

In total, only 26 Pokemon are capable of Gigantamaxing — which isn’t a lot when you compare it to the 400 strong Gen 8 Pokedex.

Those 26 each have their individual G-Max moves, too. As the name suggests they are unique to Gigantamaxed Pokemon. They deal damage as well as providing a unique additional effect.

Pokemon CompanyOf course Pikachu and Eevee are among the Gigantamax species…

List of Gigantamax Pokemon and G-Max Moves

All these Pokemon and their respective G-Max moves are listed below:

Pokemon Type G-Max Move
Gengar Ghost G-Max Terror – Prevents Pokemon from fleeing or switching out
Charizard Fire G-Max Wildfire – Inflicts damage to non-Fire Pokemon for five turns
Meowth Normal G-Max Gold Rush – Confuses opponent and earns extra money after battle
Eevee Normal G-Max Cuddle – Infatuates all opponents
Pikachu Electric G-Max Volt Crash – Paralyzes all opponents
Butterfree Bug G-Max Befuddle – Inflicts, poison, paralysis, or sleep conditions on all opponents
Corviknight Flying G-Max Wind Rage – Removes effects like reflect and light Screen
Alcremie Fairy G-Max Finale – Heals all allies
Drednaw Water G-Max Stonesurge – Places stealth rocks on the field
Garbordor Poison G-Max Malodor – Poisons all opponents
Daruludon Dragon G-Max Depletion – Decreases PP of last move opponent used
Hatterene Fairy G-Max Smite – Confuses all opponents
Copperajah Steel G-Max Steelsurge – Places spikes on the field
Kingler Water G-Max Foam Burst – Decreases opponent’s speed
Centiskorch Fire G-Max Centiferno – Traps opponents in flames for five turns
Melmetal Steel G-Max Meltdown – Opponent can’t use the same move twice in a row
Appletun Grass G-Max Sweetness – Heals status conditions of allies
Grimmsnarl Dark G-Max Snooze – Puts opponents to sleep on the next turn
Flapple Grass G-Max Tartness – Decreases opponents evasiveness
Sandaconda Ground G-Max Sandblast – Traps opponents in raging standstorm for five turns
Coalossal Rock G-Max Vocalith – Deals damage to opponents for four turns
Orbeetle Psychic G-Max Gravitas – Increases gravity for five turns
Toxitricity Electric G-Max Stun Shock – Paralyzes or poisons opponent
Snorlax Normal G-Max Replenish – Restores berries that have been eaten
Lapras Ice G-Max Resonance – Reduces damage received for five turns
Machamp Fighting G-Max Chi Strike – Increases critical hit chances

Do your best to become familiar with these G-Max Moves as they will likely play an important role in the competitive battling for Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Rarer than Dynamax

Dynamax Pokemon are found in Max Raid battles but occasionally a Gigantamax Pokemon will appear instead. These are much rarer and will appear just a fraction of the time.

Specific Gigantamax species will appear more than others in specific time periods. Until “early” January 2020, Butterfree will be appearing more frequently.

It looks like this will be an updated feature throughout 2020 — who knows what other surprises may come!