This Pokemon superfan makes Shuckle pizzas at home

Brianna Reeves
pokemon shuckle pizza

A dedicated Pokemon fan made pizza bites modeled after Shuckle, the Bug/Rock-type Pokemon whose design resembles that of a turtle.

The turtle-like monster entered the Pokemon universe in Generation II, its yellow body tucked inside of a red and white shell.

Despite its inability to evolve, Shuckle is known for its incredibly high Defense and Special Defense stats.

Shuckle’s cute character design especially wins the hearts of Pokemon faithful, though. That much seems evident when looking at one fan’s Shuckle-inspired creation.

Pokemon’s Shuckle recreated in bite-sized pizza form

Reddit user melodyroselane shared a photo of what they’ve dubbed a “Shuckle pizza.” The food-based concoction is exactly what it sounds like – a Shuckle-shaped pizza bite.

Bread makes up the creature’s body. Melodyroselane later told curious Pokemon fans that Hormel’s Pepperoni Minis were used to represent the design of Shuckle’s red and white shell.

This certainly counts among the more delicious-looking of all Pokemon fan creations. But Shuckle is not the only Pokemon getting love from the food world of late.

Earlier this year, for example, KFC China offered a dancing Psyduck toy to its customers. As one would expect, it didn’t take long for the dancing pocket monster to sell out in stores.

The franchise in general has even more on offer as the year presses on, too. Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet will hit store shelves later this year for the Nintendo Switch on Friday, November 18.

These new interactive adventures from developer Game Freak will most notably mark the first installments in the long-running game series’ ninth generation.

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