Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players are turning on each other in Pikachu Tera Raids

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players are fed up after encountering other trainers trying to take out their Pokemon during 7-star Pikachu Tera Raids.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s 7-star Pikachu Tera Raid is in full swing and trainers are doing their best to take on this strong Water-type Tera monster.

This 7-star Tera Raid is proving to be quite the challenge, with those using powerful counter builds still struggling to take down Pikachu with other trainers.

Unfortunately, it seems not all players are cooperating well with each other, with many venting their frustrations after encountering trainers who are attacking their teammates.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainers vent frustrations over Pikachu Tera Raids

A post on the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet subreddit sparked a discussion among the community of players sharing their experiences during the early portion of the Tera Raid.

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The OP shared a video clip of a Tera Raid in progress where their Gastrodon was repeatedly being taken down by teammates using Giga Drain on it.

When asked how many times they had died before their teammates used Giga Drain on them, they confirmed they hadn’t fainted once. “Pikachu practically does zero damage to Gastrodon. The two times I fainted are because of my teammate.”

Other frustrated players shared similar experiences in the thread, as another Gastrodon trainer said, “I was running a mud slap Gastrodon. We had plenty of time. One just started mega draining the team. We would have won had he attacked the boss.”

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Another player said they had a similar experience using Arboliva. “I had a Clodsire spamming Acid Spray on my Arboliva and another trainer’s Arboliva last night. We would have honestly cleared the raid if they helped- we got Pikachu to less than half HP before the timer ran out.”

However, there were also plenty of users justifying the use of Mega Drain and said, “Yeah, people will do that to get the time penalty and end the raid quicker if they think it’s a wash.”

While many players admitted to using this same tactic to end lopsided Raids faster, some countered there’s usually still plenty of time to actually win the raid in circumstances like these. “Why I feel like if they had just Tera’d they could’ve beaten the raid instead of throwing? Gastrodon is a solid pick that takes basically no damage.”

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Regardless of where one falls on the debate, trainers looking to participate in the ongoing 7-star Pikachu Tera Raid with other random trainers should be warned that situations like these are unfortunately not uncommon.