Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players anticipate Captain Pikachu distribution following hat trademark

Zackerie Fairfax
captain pikachu scarlet violet

Nintendo and Game Freak recently trademarked the symbol found on Captain Pikachu’s hat from the upcoming anime series. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players think this means the special Pikachu will soon be distributed digitally.

Soon after Ash Ketchum capped off his 20+ year journey to become the Pokemon Champion, TPCi announced they would be retiring the protagonist. But that didn’t mean the show would be over, as they also announced a new series would kick off starring two new main characters.

While we don’t know much about the upcoming anime, Pokemon has introduced a few of the new characters through tweets, one of which has already captured the hearts of many. Captain Pikachu, partner Pokemon to the airship captain Friede, reintroduces the franchise mascot in a very stylish manner.

And recently, Nintendo and Game Freak filed a trademark for the symbol on Captain Pikachu’s hat. It’s a gold hexagon featuring a pair of wings, and players think the trademark is a sign of an upcoming distribution.

Captain Pikachu could be coming to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

On March 13, Serebii webmaster Joe Merrick reported that Nintendo, Creature, and Game Freak filed a trademark for the symbol on Captain Pikachu’s hat. While a few trainers were worried it would be sold as an NFT thanks to a recent TPCi job listing, Merrick claimed that likely wouldn’t be the case.

The vast majority of players in the replies to Joe’s post were excited by the trademark. They believed that Game Freak being involved meant Captain Pikachu would be distributed to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet digitally. This would follow the trend of Ash Hat Pikachu being added to the games.

Merrick agreed with these posts, stating, “I’d be surprised if one isn’t added alongside one of the DLC patches.” With the new anime airing in April and a promised update for Scarlet & Violet at the end of March, we could see Captain Pikachu in Gen 9 well before the DLC.

However, this is all speculation until Game Freak or Pokemon makes an official announcement. Filing a trademark could be the first step in producing physical merch such as plushies, t-shirts, or hats.

If Captain Pikachu does make it into Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, we will be sure to keep players updated and when it’s coming and how to get it.

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