Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player discovers secret to encountering Authentic Sinistea

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An eagle-eyed Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fan gave some helpful advice for trainers looking to find elusive Authentic Sinistea.

In the world of Pokemon, monsters come in all kinds of different shapes and forms. Plenty of Pokemon in the Pokedex have different forms that players can catch and use, with some forms even altering stats in different ways.

However, some forms are just aesthetic, as is the case with Dudunsparce’s 3-segment form or Maushold‘s Family of Three form. Some fans enjoy challenging themselves by finding these rare variations out in the wild due to the luck involved with actually encountering them.

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Now, one eagle-eyed Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainer shared a helpful tip about finding Authentic Sinistea, as Generation 9’s Pokedex distinguishes where the Authentic form can be found in the wild.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fan shares helpful Sinistea tip

Reddit user Pluto_Charon made a post on the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet subreddit titled, “PSA: authentic sinistea will one spawn in one area.”

Normally when a trainer checks a standard Sinistea’s Pokedex entry, they’ll see that the Black Tea Pokemon is listed as spawning in two locations: the outskirts of Zapapico and Alfornada.

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However, the Pokedex entry for Authentic Sinistea only shows that it appears on the outskirts of Alfornada and notes that it is “very rarely seen.” That means that trainers who have tried to catch Authentic Sinistea around Zapapico have unfortunately wasted a lot of time.

Fans in the replies shared even more helpful information to aid those looking to catch this rare variant for themselves. “Also outbreaks will only have the phony form,” noted one trainer.

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Another player said, “Btw for anyone wondering, the best way to find one is to use your camera to look under their skirts(lot easier when on foot), instead of catching a million phony in the hopes one will be antique lol.” For those who may not know, Authentic Sinistea have a very small marking on the underside of the teacup the Ghost Pokemon resides in.

Hopefully, these helpful tips will make things easier for those trainers searching for an Authentic Sinistea to either round out their collection or completely fill out their Pokedex.

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