Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainer finds creepy “biblically accurate” Haxorus glitch

Philip Trahan
pokemon scarlet violet haxorus eyeball header

Even after almost two years of release, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainers are still finding new glitches in the game, such as this “biblically accurate” Haxorus bug.

According to a fan by the name Extension_Major_9013 on the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet subreddit, they stumbled upon an all-new and entirely creepy bug surrounding a realistic eyeball texture.

The trainer said, “I was just doing some move changing some of the moves of my Haxorus and this happened.”

They included a picture of the glitch, which showed the Haxorus‘ move menu coupled with numerous realistic eyeball textures plastered across the screen.

These eyeball images showed up on the stat screen, behind Haxorus’ menu sprite, and behind the Giga Impact move.

Fans in the comments were disturbed by the glitch, with many expressing confusion at the picture included.

“Biblically accurate Haxorus,” one fan said, referencing the popular internet meme of drawing angels with numerous realistic eyes.

Other players commented things like, “New creepypasta dropped,” and “This gentleman is playing Pokemon whilst living in Silent Hill.”

Some trainers even said that they would likely stop playing Pokemon Scarlet & Violet if they encountered this glitch. “I think if this actually happened to me, I’d have no choice but to turn my switch off and never touch it again. I’d just straight up get rid of the thing.”

Scarlet & Violet are by far the glitchiest Pokemon titles to date, with the game’s erratic performance and abundance of bugs being a hot-button issue during the game’s launch.

Even now, trainers are still finding new and “terrifying” glitches that take them by surprise.

Unfortunately for those curious, if they can reproduce this eerie eyeball glitch for themselves, no one has deduced what caused it.

Some players guessed the game was taking the texture file for the main character’s iris and reproducing it in the menus. Others were skeptical of whether or not the OP’s Switch console was hacked and they created the ‘glitch’ themselves. However, what actually caused it to occur remains a mystery.