Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players have the perfect fix for Tera Raid frustrations

scarlet violet Tera RaidThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players have devised the perfect solution for improving upon the game’s frustrating Tera Raids.

Not unlike the Max Raid Dens in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Tera Raid battles task players with joining friends to fight incredibly powerful Tera-type Pokemon.

Of course, the benefit of completing such battles is that players can then capture the defeated creature. Unlocking increasingly better rewards serves as another boon to participating in Tera Raids.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, though, with Scarlet and Violet players often pointing out the many frustrations that come with these particular events.

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Scarlet & Violet fans suggest a fix for Tera Raid frustrations

Reddit user Supernovae1998 believes they’ve figured out how Game Freak could drastically improve Tera Raids – by removing the time-consuming cutscenes.

The player posed the following question in the Scarlet and Violet subreddit, “Does anyone else think they would be able to beat more Tera raids if the cut scenes didn’t take up so much time?”

Evidently, others agree that far too much time is spent on scenes that distract from gameplay by focusing on stat changes and the like.

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One reply to the above post joked, “You mean you don’t like the tera mon doing 4+ actions at once, canceling your turn, teammates fainting in the meantime, timer going down to almost zero, and then the raid ending just as you were finally able to choose a move?”

Some Scarlet and Violet players who take on Tera Raids solo don’t seem to mind, but even they argue that cutscenes in real-time multiplayer battles should be discarded.

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“You can’t do real-time multiplayer online AND have cutscenes,” wrote a user who said this isn’t their primary concern when it comes to the shortcomings of Tera Raids.

All in all, this seems a matter of player control, specifically due to the fact that cutscenes eat up time and rob players of opportunities that can make or break a battle.