Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player shares “free” solo Samurott Tera Raid strategy

annihilape pokemon scarlet and violet

A Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player has devised a ridiculously easy strategy for taking on the 7-star Samurott Tera Raids solo, and it works like a charm.

The 7-star Tera Raid events in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are some of the most daunting battles in the franchise. And due to their limited-time runs and exclusive encounter opportunities, players often attempt to devise strategies to take them out as easily as possible.

That said, online play without a plan often leads to players failing the Tera Raids miserably. This then causes players to seek ways to take on the 7-star Tera Raids by themselves (and a few useless NPCs).

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While 7-star Samurott seemed like an impossible Pokemon to take on solo, one player has devised a brilliant strategy that’s as simple as mashing the “A” button. Here is how to take on 7-star Samurott Tera Raids solo in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

How to solo 7-star Samurott in Pokemon Scarlet Violet

This strategy was shared by user Rodux_ on the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet subreddit. And after testing it ourselves on three solo Samurott Tera Raids, we can confirm this strategy works.

Players will need a level 100 Annihilape with the moves Rage Fist and Screech. Give it 26 Protein and 26 HP Up to max out the necessary EVs and Hyper Train all of its stats. Give it a Shell Bell to sustain its health, make sure it has the Defiant ability, and use PP Up or PP Max on Rage Fist.

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Here is the proper build:

PokemonLevelMovesetHeld ItemAbilityNatureEVs & IVs
100-Screech -Rage FistShell bellDefiantAdamantHP & Attack

Once you’ve built the perfect Annihilape for the job, follow the steps below to solo Samurott:

  • Find a Samurott Tera Raid in your game
  • Choose “Challenge alone”
  • On turn one, use Screech
  • Use Rage Fist repeatedly
  • If Samurott resets its stats, use Screech again
  • Continue using Rage Fist until Samurott is dead

It is okay if you faint once or twice. In our playtesting, we fainted two to three times per battle and still pulled off the win. However, we did not Terastalize, which could have made the experience go smoother.

That’s everything you need to know about taking down Unrivaled Samurott in Tera Raids! Check out more Pokemon Scarlet & Violet guides below:

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