Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans divided by new Paldea gym leader reveal

IonoThe Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Company has revealed the electric gym leader for Scarlet & Violet, and fans of the upcoming releases are divided on how they feel about her.

On October 12, the Pokemon Company released a new trailer for the Gen 9 Scarlet & Violet releases.

The trailer reveals Iono, a Paldean Gym Leader who focuses on Electric-type Pokemon. In her free time, the female gym leader is also a streamer and online influencer.

In the video, Iono teases the reveal of her partner Pokemon, but instead “click baits” the viewer with a shadow of Pikachu as she announces that we’ll have to wait to find out whether or not her partner is a new ‘mon.

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Fans began flooding Twitter with their thoughts on the announcement shortly after it aired, and it appears that she’s caused a divide in the community.

Pokemon fans divided by new Paldea gym leader reveal

Soon after the trailer was posted, fans began sharing their thoughts on Twitter.

Popular Pokemon YouTuber and Twitch streamer aDrive tweeted: “I quit Pokemon… what was that?!”

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In the replies to the tweet posted by the official Pokemon account, one user said: “This was the worst trailer for any game I have ever seen…”

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“That was a waste of time tbh. Got hyped up for nothing,” another replied.

However, not everyone is completely against the reveal.

One user chimed: “SHES SO CUTE I LOVE I LOVE.”

YouTuber LewTwo commented: “this is the best character design in pokemon.”

No matter how you feel about the recent announcement, many are just excited for news regarding the upcoming game release — and they can’t wait to see who Iono’s partner Pokemon is in the coming days.

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