Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fan theorizes invincible Terastal Shedinja

Zackerie Fairfax
shedinja pokemon scarlet violet

With Pokemon Scarlet & Violet introducing the type-changing Terastal phenomenon, players have already theorized a terrifying invincible Shedinja build.

When the third trailer for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet dropped, players got a look at the game’s new gimmick. The Terastal phenomenon is similar to Dynamaxing or Mega Evolving as it allows trainers to power up their Pokemon.

However, players can find special Terastals that change the Pokemon’s typing. For instance, there is a special Terastal Pikachu that changes the electric mouse into a flying type.

This has led the community to discuss what they think the most devastating Terastal Pokemon could be. And one trainer has come up with a deadly Terastal/item combo that would make one Bug-type Pokemon invincible.

Invincible Terastal Shedinja build in Pokemon

User Tango2799 posted an image to the Pokemon subreddit with the caption “If Shedinja is actually in the Scarlet and Violet pokedex…”

The image itself showed Shedinja as an electric Tera-Type holding the item Air Balloon stating, “I don’t have weaknesses.” Taking into account Shedinja’s Wonder Guard ability, this type/item combo is pretty scary.

Wonder Guard makes it so only super effective moves deal damage to Shedinja, and being an electric type would mean only Ground-type moves would be effective. However, holding the Air Balloon item makes Shedinja immune to Ground-type moves. This means that moves wouldn’t be able to deal direct damage to Shedinja.

However, seasoned Pokemon battlers quickly found ways to take down this seemingly indestructible titan. While this Shedinja can’t take direct damage, it can be affected by status effects or weather damage. One grain of sand in a sandstorm or fleck of snow in a blizzard would be enough to subdue the invincible Shedinja.

That being said, NPCs don’t normally use weather, especially in the early portions of Pokemon games. So if a player is able to get their hands on this theoretical beast, they could plow through a number of NPCs without taking a single point of damage.