Pokemon Scarlet & Violet discovery could reveal new Pokemon

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Trainers think they may have found a new Pokemon after pouring over recent screenshots from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s third trailer gave fans a lot of new information to pour over.

From a fully detailed map of the newly confirmed Paldea region to a couple of brand new Pokemon, fans have spent days sorting out the new details.

Now, trainers believe they might have spotted a brand new Pokemon thanks to new screenshots following the third Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trailer.

Fans think they’ve found new Gen 9 Pokemon

Speculation began when Reddit user 90prix210 posted an edited screenshot of an in-game Pokemon trainer wearing an interesting vest.

The vest features multicolored sections with what appears to be stuffed Pokemon heads protruding from each of the patches.

The edited screenshots show that the bottom left patch is meant to be Gyarados, the bottom right patch represents Rhydon, and the top right patch is Kangaskhan.

However, the identity of the top left patch confused many fans, with 90prix210 speculating that it was a “new Pokemon.”

Despite the post gaining nearly 3,000 likes and 350 comments, most players seem to have already reached their own conclusions.

“Seeing it has 3 Pokémon of the 1st gen in there, that’s probably Dragonite, even if its antennae aren’t like that, it’s a vest, I suppose it wouldn’t make sense to have them perfectly done,” said SergioZen25.

Others speculated that instead of Dragonite it was simply Charizard.

CriSword said, “I think it’s meant to be a very goofy Charizard: the color is there, and it even has the visible teeth. The horns are so upright because otherwise they would be too close to the chest.”

Still some fans weren’t giving up hope so easily, like topscreen, who asked if the yellow dragon Pokemon shown could be “a regional variant” of Dragonite thanks to its odd shape.

For now, most fans seem to have decided that this trainer is some kind of Generation 1 fanatic and the mysterious Pokemon is in fact either Dragonite or Charizard, but only time will tell if that really is the case.