Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Victory Road: how players can become Champions of Paldea

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Victory Road Gym Leader Official ArtThe Pokemon Company, Game Freak

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will allow players to join the Pokemon League, challenging Gym Leaders all over the Paldea region. However, the journey to the Championship will be a bit different from past games.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet received a new trailer detailing several important aspects of the upcoming games. Players will be able to travel the Paldea region on multiple different adventures, including options that are new to the series.

The decision to introduce multiple storylines in Scarlet & Violet is revolutionary for a series that has always maintained a distinct, linear plot. Players will have more say than ever before on how their journeys unfold.

The changes will also encourage replay of either game, as each new playthrough will have its own distinct progression. One of the primary options included in Scarlet & Violet will be the “Victory Road” route, which will take players on a path to becoming the region’s Champion.

How do players become a Scarlet & Violet Champion?

According to the Pokemon official website, players can become Champions by obtaining eight Gym Badges.

Like in the previous games of the series, Scarlet & Violet gamers will need to challenge eight Gym Leaders that will be scattered throughout the region.

However, it won’t be as simple as walking into a Gym and destroying opponents.

Players will need to pass a Gym Test. These tests are themed to the Gym Leader and town, creating unique puzzles for each encounter.

After passing the Gym Test, players will then be able to battle the Leader, making their way through the Pokemon League members.

Who is Scarlet & Violet’s Pokemon League Chairman?

When taking the “Victory Road” route, players will meet Pokemon Chairwoman Geeta.

Like Chairman Rose in Sword & Shield, Geeta oversees all the Gyms in the region, and is also described as “the most skilled Trainer of all”, implying she is the current reigning Champion of Paldea.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Pokemon League Champion Chairwoman GeetaThe Pokemon Company, Game Freak
Scarlet & Violet Pokemon League Chairwoman Geeta

Who are the Scarlet & Violet Gym Leaders?

Currently, only Brassius of the Artazon Gym has been revealed.

Brassius is the Grass-type Gym Leader, and while it isn’t stated when players will encounter him, it is possible he could be one of the earlier or less difficult Gym Leaders to challenge.

The new trailer for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has confirmed the Gym Test for the Artazon Gym will be “seeking out the Sunflora” around the arena. This information confirms that some of the Gym Tests will likely be fun puzzles or mini-games.

While there is still much to learn about Scarlet & Violet’s path to Victory Road, the information given confirms players will be able to enjoy a classic experience with new twists. This will be a refreshing way to tackle the crowning achievement of becoming a region Champion.