Pokemon leaker claims Scarlet & Violet will have incubators and new breeding mechanics

Laura Gray
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Breeding Mechanics Leak Incubators

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trailers have yet to give players insight on breeding mechanics, but recent leaks claim the well-loved content could be in for some big changes.

Breeding mechanics have become an important staple in the Pokemon game series since their inception during Generation 2. The ability to leave two compatible Pokemon at the local Daycare for the chance to obtain an egg has greatly influenced the way players raise companions, especially for virtual competitors.

The process of breeding Pokemon has remained simple through the past seven generations of the Pokemon series. Players leave the Pokemon they wish to bread at the Daycare, with the female of the species representing the hatched results. After a bit of waiting, the attendant near the outside yard will offer an egg when spoken to, which players must then hatch by carrying around.

The breeding process can help gamers obtain companions with perfect IVs, or even increase the chance of hatching a Shiny using the Masuda method. However, many players have been concerned about the fate of breeding in the upcoming Gen 9 games Scarlet & Violet, especially as trailers haven’t given any details about the mechanic.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet breeding could be like Pokemon Go

In a recent Twitter post shared by popular leaker CentroLeaks, it was claimed Scarlet & Violet could integrate an incubator system similar to Pokemon Go.

While this claim is nothing more than speculation, with no confirmation from The Pokemon Company, Nintendo, or Game Freak, the chances of hybrid mechanics in the new open-world games could be higher than some may think.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus, which was released early in 2022, included many aspects of Pokemon Go gameplay, including a transfer system, a greater focus on catching over battling, and a Pokedex entirely focus on catching numerous Pokemon of the same species.

An incubator system in Scarlet & Violet could act in a similar fashion, with players able to use incubators to carry eggs outside of their party, or as additional hatching slots if their party is already full of eggs.

While many may be worried about the claims of an incubator system, this could be a big perk for those who don’t enjoy storing eggs in their party. The process of swapping eggs in and out of storage can be frustrating, and streamlined mechanics could make breeding much less of a hassle.

While nothing has currently been confirmed for these types of side activities in Scarlet & Violet, Pokemon fans will likely learn more as the release date on November 18, 2022, gets closer in the coming weeks.