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Pokemon Sword & Shield Nursery Guide: location, breeding, and egg moves

Published: 18/Nov/2019 18:49 Updated: 19/Nov/2019 3:03

by Eli Becht


Pokemon Sword and Shield have replaced the Day Care from previous games with a new Nursery, and while it is similar, there are some differences that players should know about.

In past games, the Day Care was a spot where players could leave their Pokemon behind with someone to watch over as they continued to progress through the main story. As a bonus, any Pokemon you left behind would continue to level up, and you’d be able to come back at a later time to collect them.

However, in Sword and Shield, Pokemon left at the Nursery will not gain any XP, so players won’t be able to count on that anymore.

One thing that does remain the same is the ability to breed your favorite Pokemon. This is especially helpful when you might be looking for the normal version of a particular Pokemon, but only have your hands on the Galarian version.

Of course, none of this matters if you don’t know where the Nursery is located.

Nursery locations

Pokemon Sword and Shield How to BreedMake your way to the Nursery.

The Galar region features two different Nursery locations, so you’ll be able to spread your Pokemon across the two if you like. One Nursery can be found on Route 5 while the other is in the Bridge Field of the Wild Area.

Once you find one, it operates in the same way as Day Cares have in the past. All you have to do is go up to the desk person, leave a Pokemon or two behind, and then come back later on to check on their breeding progress.

How to breed Pokemon

NintendoBreeding Pokemon can potentially yield Egg Moves.

The act of breeding Pokemon is pretty easy – all you’ll have to do is leave a male and female behind at the Nursery and eventually, the magic will happen.

By far the easiest way to breed would be to leave two of the same species behind but you can also leave behind a Pokemon with a Ditto and breed that way. Ditto can breed with any Pokemon so it’s a handy Pokemon to have.

When Pokemon do breed, you’ll be given an egg which will then hatch by walking a certain distance. Once hatched, any Pokemon that comes out will be level 1, meaning it’s a blank slate in terms of moves.

There’s a chance that a hatched Pokemon will learn Egg Moves that can’t be taught through the use of TMs or by leveling, giving players a good incentive to hatch eggs. Egg Moves can be transferred to other Pokemon, as long as you have an open slot for a move and the Pokemon are the same species.

This is pretty much all there is to know about breeding Pokemon at the Nursery, so you can start filling out your collection today!


The best Pokemon in GO Battle League Kanto Cup

Published: 17/Nov/2020 17:49

by Paul Cot


GO Battle League Season 5 is underway and there is yet another brand new competition to battle in – the Kanto Cup. Here are the best Pokemon to use.

You won’t be surprised to hear that in the Kanto Cup only Pokemon originating from the Kanto region are eligible. That leaves us with just 151 Pokemon to choose from and when you remove all the evolutions and much weaker ‘mons, it becomes a lot less than that too.

No matter what pool of Pokemon you have to choose from though, we’re still looking for a defensively sound, bulky species. A durable Pokemon along with fast charging and hard-hitting moves is the key to success.

Hypno Kanto Cup
Who’d have thought Hypno would be the #1 pick for the Kanto Cup?


Much like Bronzor was in the Little Cup, Hypno is king of the Kanto Cup. It has everything on paper to be successful in the PvP format.

That begins with the aforementioned bulk, boasting superb defense and stamina at the 1,500 CP limit. This means that regardless of the matchup, Hypno isn’t going down easily.

Its pure psychic typing makes understanding its strengths and weaknesses pretty simple. It is weak to bug, dark, and ghost, while resistant to fighting and psychic attacks.

Its moveset also makes for encouraging reading. First off it has Confusion as a Fast Move which provides 4 DPT and 3 EPT.

The energy gains of Confusion might be average at best but fortunately, Hypno does have some Charge Moves with low energy requirements. On top of that, it has a relatively huge selection of Charge Moves which will always keep your opponent guessing. These will cost 50,000 Stardust and 50 Candy to unlock, though.

The Hypnosis Pokemon can use each of Fire Punch, Ice Punch, and Thunder Punch – all of which deal 55 damage and require 40 energy. That’s already a lot of diversity but there’s more.

Hypno has two psychic moves to choose from – Psychic and Future Sight. The latter has higher damage per energy but Psychic needs less energy, which can prove pivotal in the GO Battle League format.

Then there is Shadow Ball which deals 100 damage for a very reasonable 55 energy. And finally, if you really want to confuse opponents, Hypno can also learn Focus Blast. This is its most powerful move at 140 damage and also its highest energy requirement at 75.

We’d recommend combining one of the punch moves with either Psychic or Shadow Ball. There are all sorts of combinations you can use with Hypno, though.

Alolan Sandslash Kanto Cup
Avoid fighting and fire attacks and Alolan Sandslash will perform well for you…

Alolan Sandslash

The dual ice and steel type Alolan Sandslash is another defensively strong Pokemon for the Kanto Cup. If you avoid its double weaknesses of fighting and fire (and its other weakness of ground), then chances are you’ll be matched up well.

It has resistances to all of bug, dragon, fairy, flying, grass, ice, normal, poison, and psychic. Ice and poison are double resistances. So it has ticked two of the most important boxes, stats and typing, so let’s see if it moves work too.

Powder Snow is Alolan Sandslash’s obvious Fast Move choice. It may only deal 2.5 DPT but has a very useful EPT of 4 allowing you to get those Charge Moves out with decent regularity.

One of those is Ice Punch, which as stated above does 55 damage for 40 energy. That should be one of your moves.

Then there’s a choice between Bulldoze and Gyro Ball. Gyro Ball benefits from STAB but Bulldoze is effective against more types, so it comes down to preference. To unlock this second Charge Move it will cost 50,000 Stardust and 50 Candy.

Alolan Marowak Kanto Cup
Alolan Marowak is understated at 1,500 CP limit in GO Battle League…

Alolan Marowak

The Alolan forms are already proving popular in the Kanto Cup. Much like the Alolan form of Sandslash, Alolan Marowak has strong defense stats and a great dual typing.

It has five weaknesses (dark, ghost, ground, rock, and water) and 9 resistances (bug, fairy, fighting, fire, grass, ice, normal, poison, and steel). Of these bug, fighting and normal attacks will only give Alolan Marowak 39.1% damage.

It has Fire Spin, Hex, and Rock Smash as its Fast Moves but you only really want to consider the first two. Fire Spin hits harder and Hex generates more energy, given the PvP format we’d recommend Hex.

However, Shadow Ball and Shadow Bone are two excellent Charge Moves which are both ghost-types. For diversity purposes, this makes Fire Spin more appealing.

If you really want to maximize Alolan Marowak then you can add a second move for 50,000 Stardust/50 Candy. That move would be either Bone Club or Flame Wheel though, both of which are pretty poor.

Shadow Bone is essentially Shadow Ball but with less damage and less energy required. The former is a Legacy Move, so you’d have to weigh up whether using an Elite TM on it is worth it.

Wigglytuff Kanto Cup
Charm is everything for Wigglytuff…


Whether you like it or not Charm will always be a factor in GO Battle League. The fairy-type Fast Move deals the second most damage of any Fast Move and therefore, if in the right matchup, will prove very effective, even at the expense of energy.

Of the Kanto Pokemon, Wigglytuff is best positioned to make use of it. The Balloon Pokemon has a curious stat distribution of poor defense but incredible stamina, which essentially balances out of the two.

It is the perfect foil for dragon and ghost-type Pokemon and only costs 10,000 Stardust/25 Candy to add a second move. Those moves should be Ice Beam and Play Rough, although you won’t get too many opportunities to use them.

Charizard Kanto Cup
Air Slash, Dragon Breath and Fire Spin will keep your opponent’s guessing when facing Charizard…


Over time Charizard has become one of the more diverse Pokemon. Thanks to its recent addition of Dragon Breath, it now boasts decent dragon, fire, and flying-type Fast Moves.

This combined with the spammable Dragon Claw and one of the many strong fire-types moves, gives Charizard a place in a lot of GO Battle League competitions. Similar to Wigglytuff, it also needs just 10,000 Stardust/25 Candy, which is essential to get the full benefit from.

Its stats lean towards attack, which isn’t ideal, but not enough to make Charizard unworthy. Admittedly it is superior in the higher CP leagues, but it shouldn’t be written off for the Kanto Cup. After all, it’s a good wildcard to have.

It also has far more resistances than weaknesses with bug and grass doing just 39.1% damage. Make sure you avoid rock-type attacks though, because they will obliterate Charizard very quickly.

Mew Kanto Cup
Don’t even bother trying to guess what moves a Mew will be using in Pokemon Go…


The original Mythical Pokemon is rarely used in GO Battle League and perhaps undeservedly so. Its stats are strong and well-rounded and its pure psychic typing gives it the same resistances and weaknesses as Hypno.

Mew’s biggest strength is its incredible move diversity. If you don’t know already, prepare to be amazed at these numbers. It has 14 Fast Moves and 25 Charge Moves.

This naturally gives Mew a moveset that can’t be predicted. Of these moves, Shadow Claw as a Fast Move and then two of Dragon Claw, Psychic and Wild Charge seem like the best. You should go through all of them and decide what fits best with your team, however.

Unfortunately, that second move will cost 100,000 Stardust and 100 Candy. So, before you commit Mew to your team, make sure you are positively going to stick with it, otherwise, it will be expensive.

Pokemon Go’s Kanto Cup will finish on November 23 but will hopefully return again in another GO Battle League season.