Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players react to Regieleki’s ban in competitive play

Chris Studley

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet competitive players will need to re-adjust after the ban of Regieleki.

This past week, Pokemon Home was made compatible with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, six months after the release of the two titles. The integration of Pokemon Home gave players the opportunity to add legendaries that are not able to be caught in Paldea, but are nonetheless part of the games’ Pokedex.

One issue, however, that came with the addition of Home integration was how the competitive Pokemon community react to the addition of several legendary monsters.

We now have an answer to that question, as well-regarded competitive gaming platform Smogon has dropped the hammer on a legendary Electric monster.

The move to ban Regieleki in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

On an announcement post on the Smogon wesbite, the OU Council stated that numerous Pokemon were brought to the council’s attention about a potential ban. Just one Pokemon, however, received a ban in the latest guidelines update.

Electric-type Regieleki — which first appeared as a legendary in the Crown Tundra DLC in Pokemon Sword and Shield — received a unanimous ban from the council.

According to the decision, Regieleki posed as an intimidating offensive presence that to Terastallization because of its combination of Electric STAB and Tera Ice Blast. Those weapons, coupled with the fact that Regieleki is the fastest Pokemon in the dex, led to its ban in OU formats.

On the Reddit Stunfisk forum, which discussed Pokemon competitive play, the move was largely praised. One commenter noted the decision came “[t]o the surprise of basically no one,” while another stated that Regieleki was “beyond broken” in online play.

Regieleki was just one Pokemon that can officially be imported into Scarlet and Violet thanks to the addition of Home compatibility. You can see the full list of Scarlet and Violet transfer-compatible Pokemon here.

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