Pokemon players freak out after glitch changes levels in Home app

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A new visual bug in the Pokemon Home app made some players’ monsters look either very weak or indredibly strong.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a number of visual glitches that have popped up in Pokemon Go.

This week, a new bug popped up in the Pokemon Home companion and seemingly affected monsters directly transferred into the storage system via Go.

This one doesn’t have appeared to do permanent damage to any stored Pokemon, but it did change their levels for a brief period of time.

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Pokemon Home app glitch affecting levels

On the Silph Road subreddit, one user noticed on June 15 that a bug in the Pokemon Home app affected levels of monsters inserted into the storage system. On mobile devices, some Pokemon sent from Pokemon Go are being shown to be at Lv. 1.

The Nintendo Switch version of Home was also affected by this glitch. Serebii’s Joe Merrick pointed out on Twitter that Pokemon from Go were being displayed to be at Lv. 100 on the Switch. Merrick noted in a separate response that not all Pokemon transferred to Home via the mobile game were affected by this glitch.

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As of late Thursday morning, it appears the issue has been fixed, as Pokemon transferred from Go do look to be in a normal state. Still, this bug did provide for some interesting responses.

Some players did show reservations with regards to transferring Pokemon into the Home app, with concern about permanent damage that could happen to those affected monsters.

On the other hand, several players harkened back to the old GTS system functions that allowed users to make “troll” trade requests — for example, Lv.1 legendaries — to clog up searches in the online system. One user replied on Reddit, “Home GTS scammers, count your days.”

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Another player echoed roughly the same sentiment, adding, “At last, [I’m] gonna be able to obtain all those ‘level 1 to 10’ dittos to trade all those GTS legendaries [I] saw when [I] was 11, wooooo!”

This bug appeared the same day that the Element Cup in Pokemon Go went live. Individuals in need of help for the event can check out our best team guide for it.

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