Pokemon NPC appears to sell berries made of poop in hilarious bug

Pokemon Berry PooThe Pokemon Company

A Pokemon NPC in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl was removed for putting Pokemon poo in her berries – a circumstance caused by a developmental error. Here’s the full story.

On September 27, Reddit user Mx_Toniy_4869 shared their “Obscure Pokémon Fact Day 303,” which hints that the berry master’s wife uses Pokemon poop to make their berries.

This claim was backed up with a screenshot taken from the game, where the wife states: “I made it by mixing high-grade soil with Pokemon… um… you know…”

This seems rather outlandish – after all, Pokemon is a children’s game, where children create lifelong bonds with their video game character. How could such a concept be allowed in a children’s game?

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Explaining the Pokemon poop berry

Well, it a developmental mistake when changing out mulch to berries in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. The berries aren’t actually full of poo, but the mulch that grows the berries does contain Pokemon droppings.

As many know, Briliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, the game where this dialogue took place, were remakes of the fourth generation of Pokemon. And in the original fourth generation games, the berry master actually sold mulch instead of berries.

For those unaware, mulch is a type of soil used to grow plants. In the original Diamond and Pearl games, the NPC sold mulch, which helped optimize berry cultivation. In the context of selling mulch, the line the NPC says makes more sense.

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But in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, mulch was replaced with the berries themselves, simplifying the process.

The developers simply forgot to change the Berry Master wife’s dialogue, which resulted in a hilarious miscommunication where the Pokemon NPC’s dialogue could be interpreted as she was selling Pokemon poop berries.

The community laughed at the random fact.

One user commented, “I’d imagine the fecal matter of certain Pokémon would make really good fertilizer.”

This isn’t the first time a developmental glitch entered a recent Pokemon game. In Pokemon Go, Nosepass turned into a Shiny Boldore due to a glitch.

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