Pokemon Legends Arceus leak hints at two new Hisui forms

Pokemon Legends ArceusGame Freak / The Pokemon Company

A Pokemon Legends Arceus leak from February 2021 has resurfaced and gone viral after fans believe it shows two new Hisuian forms.

After months of silence, we finally learned everything about Pokemon Legends Arceus during the August 18 Presents. From flying, ground, and water mounts to the new Hisuian forms, Game Freak’s open-world title was full of surprises.

A leak from February resurfaced after the event after eagled-eyed fans realized that two new Pokemon had been shown off in the early pictures. Two new Hisuian forms might have been leaked months before the regional variants were announced.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus StantlerGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
Pokemon Legends is introducing Hisuian forms.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Hisuian forms possibly leaked

Hours before the Pokemon 25h Anniversary event in February, Pokemon Legends Arceus leaked early online. At the time, many fans dismissed the images as being fake before being surprised by the open-world title’s official announcement.

After the August Pokemon Presents months later, fans revisited the leaked images originally posted by insider Kelios FR on February 26. The pictures not only leaked Braviary and Stantler’s Hisuian forms months earlier, but they also showed a mysterious third Pokemon.

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Due to its silhouette looking incredibly similar to a popular Hoenn Grass-type, this has led many players to believe that the image actually has shown the Hisuian form for Nuzleaf. If true, it appears as though the Gen III ‘mon could be used as a mount to climb mountains.

A second unknown Pokemon was also spotted in the early images leaked back in February. The tanky Pokemon looks to be carrying either a large stick or weapon, although it’s hard to make out since the character is glowing red and orange.

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Popular YouTuber Austin John Plays covered the two mysterious characters in his August 24 upload. “What the heck is this!? I still have no idea what this could be. We do know that Pokemon attack you in the overworld. So this makes more sense now, but still don’t know who this Pokemon is,” he said.

(Topic starts at 1:29)

Since all the Pokemon Legends Arceus mounts so far have been Hisuian forms, it seems like a safe bet that the mountain climbing mount will also be one. However, at this point, we do not know who that Pokemon is other than the long strand of hair (or leaf) that seems to be pushed back over its head.

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Still, with all the footage that was shown off during the August 18th Pokemon Presents, it’s fascinating to think that there are two unidentifiable characters that were leaked all the way at the start of 2021. If nothing else, this is just an example of how many things we still don’t know about Game Freak’s 2022 project.