Pokemon Go: Why now is the best time to buy incubators

Paul Cot

Hatching eggs is a huge part of Pokemon Go and there is no better time to do it as huge bonuses are up for grabs. 

Egg hatching distance bonus

As part of the Ultra Bonus Challenge, three weeks of bonuses rewarded for completing field research tasks across the Pokemon Go Fest events, incubators will be twice as effective for the duration.

This means up until September 23, 1pm PT (4pm ET and 9pm BST) you will only need to travel half the distance for egg, so for example a 10km egg will only require 5km of walking.

@PokemonGoAppGet those walking boots on Pokemon Go trainers…

Super incubators can also be stacked on top of this bonus, resulting in an even greater egg hatching discount. Using these more powerful incubators reduce egg hatching distance by one third, which would therefore reduce a 10km egg to just 3.33km.

Which incubators to buy?

Now, you are somewhat limited with the number of incubators you can use at once, unless you have spare Pokecoins lying about or are willing to spend real money. 

You have your unlimited use standard incubator, but to use anymore alongside this it will cost.

Standard incubators, simply titled “Egg Incubator” in the Pokemon Go Shop, costs 150 Pokecoins whereas a super incubator costs 200. Comparatively, it is better value to buy the super incubator as you it will cost you less per km to hatch.

This is especially true with higher distance eggs as time itself can often be an obstacle. The additional third discount will allow you to get through more eggs before the bonus expires.

@PokemonGoAppRegional exclusives – Farfetch’d, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime and Tauros – are available in 7km eggs!

Bonus egg pool

In addition to egg hatching distance discounts, the Pokemon that are available only give you another reason to make the most of the bonus period.

From now until the end of the Ultra Bonus Challenge, regional exclusive Pokemon are in the 7km egg pool. Most players will have only had access to one of Farfetch’d, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime and Tauros.

However, all are now available in 7km eggs. If you’re really lucky they may even hatch in their shiny form!

Niantic offer several egg hatching discounts throughout the year but now is a good a time as any, to buy some incubators to try and fill out your Pokedex and get some strong IV Pokemon.