Pokemon Go glitch turns Tyranitar’s attacks into an explicit gym battle

Brianna Reeves
Pokemon Go tyranitar

A gym battle glitch in Pokemon Go has turned Tyranitar’s attacks into something rather explicit involving Mewtwo.

Evolving from a Pupitar, Tyranitar can often prove a formidable contender in POGO’s gym battles and raid matches.

Like every other pocket monster, this particular creature comes with a set of skills, strengths, and weaknesses that players must carefully consider before launching it into battle.

But, on some occasions, even the most careful planners can’t possibly anticipate how a character will behave once a match begins. A Reddit user learned this lesson the hard way when matching their Tyranitar against Mewtwo.

Pokemon Go gym battle with Tyranitar takes a strange turn

A user’s screenshot of a Pokemon Go gym battle is gaining quite a bit of traction on Reddit, thanks in no small part to the image’s, shall we say, explicit nature.

The screenshot depicts Mewtwo standing tall in a gym battle, while Tyranitar lays at its feet – supposedly engaged in a battle. Due to a glitch, however, the Tyranitar’s head and one of its arms appear to be situated in a rather compromising position.

Based on the image depicted in the post above, it’s easy to see why Pokemon Go fans are having such a field day with this Mewtwo versus Tyranitar post.

“Guess he was hard as a rock,” a Reddit user joked in the thread. Another person chimed in saying, “When two Tyranitars love each other very much…”

“Mewtwo not the only one being subdued,” reads another response in the joke-filled comments section.

Someone else noted that they’ve encountered a similar bug: “I can vouch for this, my friend was stuck inside the Mewtwo’s a** the whole match, was dying laughing.”

Several other players claimed this kind of glitch isn’t exclusive to battles featuring Mewtwo and Tyranitar, either. “My Giratina gets right up that a**e when I use Shadow Force.” Another Pokemon Go user replied to this particular response saying their Girantina also had a “wild” weekend.

Apparently, certain Pokemon have realized they’re here for a good time, not a long time.