Pokemon Go trainers want Niantic to revert change to 7km eggs

David Purcell
pokemon go hisui region eggs

Niantic is being urged by Pokemon Go players to revert a recent change to the game’s egg chart, specifically for 7km eggs.

To promote Pokemon Legends Arceus’ Hisui region, there was a period of time whereby PoGo players were able to catch and hatch monsters from Sinnoh of old in the mobile title.

However, like anything in the live service game, events come and go. The content in the game’s egg chart is always rotating and that same pattern continued for the latest season.

Niantic urged to revert Pokemon Go egg change

In a post to the Pokemon Go subreddit, one user – backed by hundreds of other players in the way of upvotes – has voiced their frustration about the removal of Hisuian Pokemon.

“I don’t understand why they didn’t let that egg pool stick around for another 2 weeks to promote the Hisuian launch. All I was able to hatch was one Growlithe, one terrible IV Sneasel, one OK Qwilfish, and a couple of Voltorb,” the post reads.

Hisuian Voltorb appearing in the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour
Hisuian Voltorb was among the list of Pokemon added to the egg chart for a limited time.

It continues: “And now it’s back to the same garbage pool we’ve had for what feels like years.”

There does seem to be some consensus around the idea of hitting the reset button here, too. In the comments, one joked that Niantic would respond by saying: “You should’ve bought more incubators.”

Another said: “Last time they had an egg event they gave a bunch of free super incubators and halved the egg hatching distance. This time there was absolutely nothing.”

A third user added: “Literally this. Disappointing. Hopefully Hisuian Growlithe comes into spotlight / we get more time for these Pokes in a different event…”

Many have expressed their sadness about the changes. Whether or not Niantic will be encouraged to add Hisui Pokemon back to the egg chart in the future remains to be seen.