Pokemon Go trainers frustrated with lack of variety in wild spawns

Philip Trahan
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Pokemon Go trainers are fed up with seeing the same wild Pokemon spawn over and over again and want Niantic to add some variety.

The Pokemon Go community has expressed their boredom with the mobile game as of late, with many fans calling for changes to core activities like Gyms and Raids.

With reports that player engagement in activities like raids is falling as of April 2023, it seems clear that the community wants Niantic to shake things up to avoid monotony.

Now, players have started to voice their frustration at seeing the same wild Pokemon spawns every day, and think it’s time for the developer to remix the wild Pokemon pool to increase engagement.

Pokemon Go trainers call for new wild spawns

A post on the Pokemon Go subreddit gained traction among the community after the OP expressed their frustration at “seeing the same Pokemon for months.”

They go on to explain that “[Niantic] needs to change the spawns of pokemon more frequently. if I see a pidove one more time I will lose mind. There is no point of opening of the app anymore because is the same pokemon everywhere.”

They weren’t alone in this sentiment either, as the post gained nearly 2,000 upvotes and over 300 comments from other trainers who felt similarly.

“YUNGOOS HAS BEEN IN THE SPAWN POOL FOR OVER A YEAR NOW, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TAKE IT OUT,” pleaded one fan, while another said, “I live in an extremely rural area and I feel like all I see are Pidove and Weedle. Every day.”

One trainer noted that they see varied Pokemon on the game’s loading screen, but not in-game. “Seeing Growlithe on the loading screen, but NEVER in game… Give me some good boys to catch, and not *generic bird pokemon from Gen XYZ*.”

Others offered a different solution to the problem of seeing the same Pokemon over and over. “I wish they’d stop curating the spawns in general. They have hundreds of pokemon in the game. Give most mons (except mythic and legendaries) a spawn chance (lower chance for evolutions) and tie them back to the weather for increased rates.”

While some trainers have noted that going to multiple different places to play every day can alleviate the problem, that’s not something every trainer can easily do. Until changes are made, it seems these static wild Pokemon spawns are here to stay.

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