Pokemon Go fans “bored” with wild spawn options in game

Pokemon Go SpawnsReddit: AshKetchumsCharizard

Pokemon Go fans have become “bored” with the lack of variety of wild spawn encounters available in the popular mobile game.

Throughout the last couple of months, Pokemon Go has seen its share of backlash following a series of changes in the game and the community surrounding it.

The biggest change came on April 6, when Niantic nerfed Remote Raid passes. Most recently, fans of The Silph Road mourned the impending loss of the website.

Now, Pokemon Go trainers are coming together in agreement that they’re “bored” with the game’s currently available wild spawns.

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PoGo fans “bored” of game’s wild spawns

In a post on the Pokemon Go subreddit, user AshKetchumsCharizard shared his distaste for the mobile game.

“Anyone see the catching options these days and not even bother? I’m bored,” he said.

The post was accompanied by a screenshot of their game, showing the limited variety of spawns available in the area.

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Other fans of the game took to the comments to share their similar take on the playability of the game.

“Right there with you, I’ve been leaving a lot of mons alone,” One fan replied.

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Another user said: “Yes. Unless something will help with a research task, I won’t waste balls on the same old garbage.”

“I love getting Karrablast and still hoping for shiny Croagunk. Tired of seeing any bird or hoppip or bunny,” a third fan commented.

This isn’t the first time the lack of variety has riled up Pokemon Go fans, as others called for Yungoos and Pidove to be removed earlier in May.

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