Pokemon Go trainers flame Niantic for ending Halloween event before midnight

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Pokemon Go players are not happy with Niantic after the Halloween Part 2 event ended at 8 PM, as many argued it should have gone on longer.

Pokemon Go’s Halloween 2023 event has officially come and gone, and plenty of players are happy to have found plenty of Ghost and Dark-type Pokemon.

Part 2 of the Halloween event began on October 26 and concluded on October 31 at 8 PM local time.

Unfortunately, the 8 PM ending time didn’t sit well with many trainers, as fans have called out Niantic for ending the holiday event before midnight.

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Pokemon Go trainers think Halloween 2023 event ended too early

A post on the Pokemon Go subreddit titled, “What is wrong with Niantic?” sparked a discussion among the community.

The OP explained, “Why would you end the Halloween event 3 hours before midnight on the east coast? Why would it not go until midnight in all time zones? This company is so out of touch with reality.”

When Niantic announced the event through its official blog post, it was clear that the event would end at 8 PM local time for all trainers. While many knew this was the case, it clearly didn’t sit well with many.

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Some fans argued that many of the Ghost-type Pokemon were gone before they were even out and about celebrating Halloween.

“Came to this sub to post it myself if it wasn’t already here. It is Halloween night and the ghost Pokemon are GONE. They show up for not even the entire month of October, just three weeks. I’m dumbfounded,” said one trainer.

Others said the 8 PM ending time was strange compared to past year’s events. “In past years, Halloween Pokémon were still available in the wild 2-3 days after Halloween…” At least in 2022, the Halloween event continued until 10 AM on November 1.

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Still, some trainers tried to understand the other perspective. “Everything pretty much ends at 8/9pm. Too many things happened late at night and they don’t want to be held liable for anything. It sucks but I understand it,” one trainer explained.

Despite ending before midnight on October 31, hopefully, trainers were still able to catch some strong Ghost-type Pokemon in the leadup to Halloween.

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