Pokemon Go trainer’s cat loses it after bringing pet Charmeleon into the house

Chris Studley
Charmeleon in Pokemon Go

One Pokemon Go trainer’s cat does not approve of a new Charmeleon, or at least that’s what it looks like in a viral screenshot.

Thanks to the power of augmented reality, Pokemon Go players have the ability to bring Pokemon to life and into the real world.

The feature can not only give Pokemon fans a glimpse of what each creature would look like in a real-world setting, but could also create some hilarious images if used properly.

The latter was indeed the case in what’s became a viral image, as one Go player’s cat appeared to have a problem with the trainer’s Charmeleon.

Charmeleon from Pokemon anime

Cat appears to have problem with Charmeleon from Pokemon Go

On a viral post on the Pokemon Go subreddit, a user by the name of ‘liverblackbird’ posted an AR screenshot of the trainer’s Charmeleon in the real world. Right next to the Charmeleon is the trainer’s real cat, which hissed right next to the Pokemon in the photo.

The post, entitled “My cat doesn’t approve of my new pet,” received over 1,000 likes on the subreddit and many commenters poked fun at the cat and Charmeleon.

One Go player joked that the cat’s displeasure might have to do with the party hat that Charmeleon sports. “It’s because of [Charmeleon’s] party hat,” the commenter noted.

Another added that the cat must now learn to get along with the Charmeleon, “But he’s must learn to accept his new brother.”

Although the cat may not be a fan of the Fire-type Pokemon, there are plenty of other potential ‘brothers’ that it might have to deal with.

Niantic announced a makeup date for the Squirtle Community Day Classic, after the previous one was marred by login issues, meaning the player’s cat might see another Kanto starter in the near future.