Pokemon Go trainer gets luckiest ever Shiny Pokemon encounter

. 7 months ago
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A Pokémon Go trainer took to Reddit during Community Day to show off an almost impossible shiny encounter on two games at the same time. 

Each month, the developers of Pokémon Go announce Community Day. This event showcases a ‘mon of their choice, usually with a paid special research task, as well as increased shiny rates, resulting in some players catching multiple of the alternate colored creature.

The November community day on November 21 featured Shinx, which could be evolved into Luxio and Luxray with special moves only available during the day.

Reddit user BENN321 decided to take things one step further by playing Diamond/Pearl on their DS during the event, eventually getting one of the luckiest Pokémon encounters ever.

The Pokemon Company
Pokemon released remasters of Diamond and Pearl on November 19, 2021

Pokemon Go shiny Shinx encounter

Every Pokémon game has set odds for being able to encounter a shiny creature, with Pokémon Go being 1/25 during community day and an average of 1/500 outside of an event. However, games like Diamond and Pearl are much higher, at roughly 1/4096.

This doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed a special ‘mon every 4096 encounters either, as the odds reset every time you begin a battle. However, while playing D&P and Pokémon Go and hunting for shiny Shinx at the same time, the Redditor defeated all odds by scoring a shiny version of the exact same Pokémon on both Pokémon Go and Diamond/Pearl.

Showing a picture of his encounter on both games, the post on /r/PokemonGO was titled “Today is a good day.”

The double encounter led to many people being confused at how the player got so lucky, with one comment asking if there was an event happening and another asking if he cheated.

Other members of the subreddit simply show their excitement for the player, with one stating: “The chances of this are absolutely blowing my mind.”

There are ways that he could have gotten lower shiny rates, as well, including the Masuda method, which raises the chances to 1/683 if you breed your Pokémon with foreign ditto at the nursery.

Either way, the player managed to get two alternate colored Shinx at the same time—likely one of the first to ever accomplish such a feat.

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