Pokemon Go trainer devastated after worst-ever Legendary Birds encounter

Chris Studley
Pokemon Go Galarian Bird Trick Adventure Incense

A Pokemon Go player encountered three Galarian Legendaries in a very short period of time, but failed to nab any of them.

It’s not easy to encounter Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go, but it can happen on occassion.

When it does, it offers Go trainers an opportunity to add a very powerful Pokemon to their team, or can serve as a nice addition to their collection.

One Go player had the fortune of running into three Legendary Pokemon in less than an hour – but the results were painful.

Pokemon Go Galarian Moltres Adventure Incense Glitch CP

Pokemon Go player commiserates after tough stretch

On Reddit, a user by the name of ‘Any-Commission-381’ posted a image of several screenshots from the trainer’s log. The screenshot is proof of what the player described as a “tough” situation.

The Go player encountered three Legendary Birds — two Galarian Moltres and one Articuno — within a span of 12 minutes, but all three fled from the trainer.

Several players were in awe of the log, particularly because it’s extremely difficult to encounter one — let alone three — of the Legendary Birds.

One Reddit commenter noted, “You found more birds in 15 minutes than I have in the past 6 months during my daily walks, lol.” Another Go player exclaimed, “I’ve only ever gotten one to spawn, so… Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all kinda thing?”

The original poster does own a Galarian version of Moltres, per a comment on the thread. But with regards to the Articuno, Any-Commission-381 noted “…But the [A]rticuno is so pretty.”

It’s not uncommon for the Galarian trio of Legendary Birds to flee, as the three have some of the highest flee rates in all of Pokemon Go, However, their rarity makes this quite the unique situation.

In other Pokemon Go news, players are set to endeavor in a new event entitled Catching Some Z’s. Check out our coverage for more info on this exclusive event.

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