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Pokemon Go Trainer Battles PvP Announced!

Published: 30/Nov/2018 22:38 Updated: 4/Dec/2018 2:05

by Paul Cot


Pokemon Go Trainer Battles have finally been announced! The official Pokemon Go Twitter teased PvP battles and confirmed shortly after!

Pokemon Go PvP

Since its initial release in July 2016, Pokemon Go has had one glaring omission. Player vs player (PvP) battles have alluded the game. The name of them is as it suggests.

PvP is where two players directly combat each other. Given the nature of Pokemon, and its appearance in past Pokemon games, it has been long overdue. Thankfully, it should be a reality, and soon.

Pokemon Go Trainer Battles Date

There has been no release date confirmation for the new Pokemon Go player battles feature. The official Pokemon Go Twitter stated nothing further than trainer battles are coming soon.


Given the nature of the teases however, it could be very soon. We suspect end of the year at the earliest.

Update: More official information on the long-awaited Pokemon Go trainer battles is coming tomorrow! More specifically it will be announced at 06:00 PT and 09:00 ET.

Trainer Battle Details

Details about the actual battling concept remain sparse. There has been criticism from a sizable portion of the Pokemon Go fan base about gym battles.

Pokemon fans will be hoping the PvP trainer battle system will be more substantial. It is considered in some quarters nothing more than spamming taps and swipes. Hopefully a system more in-line with the main Pokemon games will be implemented.


Pokemon Go Battle Leagues

One detail that has been announced is the CP limit and tiers of each league. The name of each league and the CP limit is as follows:

  • Great league: 1,500 CP per Pokemon
  • Ultra League: 2,500 CP per Pokemon
  • Master League: Unlimited CP per Pokemon

These limits are designed to be inclusive of all Pokemon trainers!

Pokemon Future

The new battling feature, along with the trading feature that was added two months ago, could result in Pokemon Go players increasing.

This, combined with the record-breaking Pokemon Let’s Go, and the interaction between the two games, means Pokemon fans are fully covered when it comes to Pokemon gaming in 2018.

Pokemon Go News

We’ll keep you fully updated here and on our Pokemon Twitter page.