How to use Pokemon Go referral codes and unlock all rewards

Two trainers sharing Friend Codes in Pokemon GoNiantic

Niantic have introduced a brand new Referral Program to Pokemon Go, and there are a bunch of exciting rewards on offer for those who take part.

Pokemon Go first launched back in 2016, so it’s quite surprising that an official Referral Program has only now launched, five years later. Still, it’s better late than never, and Niantic are offering some decent rewards to encourage trainers to take part.

As part of the program, existing players can refer both new players and returning players – those who haven’t signed into the app for 90 days or more – to unlock a series of referral quests that will earn both players rewards ranging from Mega Energy to Rare Candies.

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After being tested in Australia, the Referral Program is now available for Pokemon Go players worldwide. Here’s all the information you need to know including how to access the program and details of all the rewards you and your friends can earn by taking part.

How to find your Pokemon Go referral code

Pokemon Go Referral CodeNiantic
Your referral code can be found on the Friends page.

Finding your referral code is pretty easy once you know how to do it. Once you’ve opened the game, click on your trainer’s icon on the bottom left corner, then select the ‘Friends’ page from the top of the screen.

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From here, you’ll need to tap the ‘Invite’ option and your referral code will appear, along with some terms and conditions for the program, including details about who is eligible to take part.

There’s also handy ‘Share Referral Code’ button to easily share your code through messaging apps.

How to refer a friend in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Friend CodesNiantic / The Pokemon Company
Referring a friend isn’t too difficult.

Once you’ve found your referral code, you’ll then need to move onto the next step of the process: Finding a friend to refer. Remember, this only works if they’re a new player or haven’t played in 90 days or more.

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Here’s how to refer a friend in Pokemon Go:

  1. Launch the Pokemon Go app.
  2. Go to the Friends screen and select ‘Invite’ to get your referral code.
  3. Share your code with a new player or someone who hasn’t played in over 90 days.
  4. Wait for them to input your referral code during the signup process or on the Friends screen.
  5. When your friend completes quests, you’ll both unlock rewards!

Once you’ve referred a friend, there are a number of enticing rewards you can both earn as they progress through the game and complete various quests. You can find details of all of those rewards below.

Pokemon Go referral rewards

Pokemon Go Referral Code RewardsNiantic
You can unlock some great rewards by referring friends.

There are currently 15 quests as part of the Referral Program, and both the referrer (existing trainer) and referred (new/returning trainer) will get different rewards depending on which quest has been completed.

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You must both remain on each other’s Friend List for these rewards to be unlocked. Once quests have been completed, rewards can be collected by visiting the Friend page for that specific trainer.

Here are the current Referral Program rewards in Pokemon Go:

Referral Quest New Player Reward Existing Player Reward
Defeat 3 Team Go Rocket Grunts Charizard Encounter Charizard Encounter
Complete 25 Field Research Tasks 3 Premium Battle Passes 1 Incense
Purify 20 Shadow Pokemon 5 Premium Battle Passes 10 Rare Candies
Defeat a Team GO Rocket Leader 50 Mega Charizard Energy 50 Mega Charizard Energy
Reach Great Buddy with a Pokemon 5 Rare Candies Pokemon Encounter
Reach Ultra Buddy with a Pokemon 3 Super Incubators 5 Super Incubators
Visit PokeStops 30 Days in a Row

Pokemon Encounter

Pokemon Encounter
Trade Pokemon 5 Times 10 Pidgey Stickers 10 Pidgey Stickers
Catch 50 Pokemon 1 Super Incubator Darumaka Encounter
Win 3 Raids Lapras Encounter 1 Premium Battle Pass
Make 2 New Friends 10 Pikachu Stickers 10 Pikachu Stickers
Hatch 3 Eggs 1 Rare Candy Galarian Farfetch’d Encounter
Evolve 100 Pokemon Pokemon Encounter 1 Super Incubator
Hatch 20 Eggs Chansey Encounter Deino Encounter
Win a Raid 1 Premium Battle Pass Bagon encounter

As well as these rewards, referred players will also get 100 Pokeballs for starting their journey!

That’s all you need to know about the Pokemon Go Referral Program rewards. We’ll update this page once the unknown encounter rewards are revealed, so check back soon.

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